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So I slacked on getting my cats fixed, and my girl cat just had six kittens. All my cats are fed raw so I can't feasibly wean the babies on regular cat food. I don't want to put them in homes where their special diet isn't going to be respected. Does anyone know of a place I can go to find homes for kittens that have been weaned in raw food? I don't want to start them off right only to have them adopted into homes where people don't care, but I can't keep all six. Any help or.advice would.be appreciated!


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My feeling is that finding homes is a bigger priority than diet. I don't know about your area but here there are way more kittens than homes and your irresponsibility has added to the problem. I appreciate that you want the best for your kittens and I applaud that you're feeding all your kids a species appropriate diet, but you're not doing them any favors in restricting their potential pool of homes. I feed raw to my cats, but my fosters get canned because finding homes is hard enough and it doesn't seem fair to them or their potential adopters who may not feed them the way I do.


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Post ads informing about kittens and offering to teach those who would adopt/who are interested, but other than that, just be sure to find them good homes. You can't force people to feed their cats a certain way.