Is it safe to feed only fish?

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My kitties have no desire for any chicken pork hamburger turkey etc. Would it hurt if I just switched off fish types? Are there any fish they shouldn't have? shrug


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The short answer: No.

I don't like to feed fish that often, especially raw fish, because cats get easily addicted to it and start rejecting everything else, as you've seen.....

Also, there are types of fish that one should avoid - like tuna, salmon - because of concerns for high mercury/other bio-accumulated toxins in fish higher up on the food chain. Also, one should be aware that feeding canned tuna isn't complete and it's a nice treat but shouldn't be fed as a meal. There are also some concerns about feeding cats fresh caught fish as they may contain parasites (can be taken care of via deep freezing).

There are also concerns that a diet that's high in raw fish can leech thiamine from the diet, causing vitamin deficiencies. (I've read this is particularly true for cats fed raw saltwater fish, but all fish contain the enzyme that breaks down thiamine.)

When fed on occasion, it's okay, and even beneficial to feed fish as fish contains high levels of Omega-3s (particularly the oily fish), but I'd actually recommend canned fish over raw. I feed only small amounts of canned fish and fish that are low on the food chain (anchovy, sardine, mackerel) and rarely a small bite of raw salmon. You can buy canned whole sardines packed in water at most supermarkets. Toby loves them.

You can try getting your cats eating more variety again by pouring the "fish juice" or canned "tuna juice" over the poultry meat.

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I agree with Toby - feeding only fish is not a good idea. Is the diet otherwise balanced? Are you feeding ground raw? Try fish oil on it - fish oil is safer than fish protein and will give it that fish flavor.