How long do you leave your raw out

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The Eskimo- Kisser
Purred: Sat Jul 6, '13 10:24pm PST 
How long do you typically leave your raw food out? Iv been leaving it out about 6-9 hours average as it takes them time the eat it and I'm gone for 7-9 hrs out of the day as i do not have set work hours, once we are not busy i can go home.
I usually feed them before I leave 9am and then around 8-9 pm. I throw out whats left clean the bowls and feed. Im just switching them to raw so I feed can food every other morning or so. Which also gets left out. Usually in the morning EskimJo will follow me in the bathroom (where I feed them) and start to eat some [if any] of whats left in the bowls before I pick them up

I was wondering how long you think it safe to leave out


Ambassador at- the Kitty U.N.
Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 3:40am PST 
I know a lot of people worry about bacteria and pick up uneaten food within 20 minutes, but I don't really worry about it and I've never had a problem. BK will sometimes eat in stages and hours can go by before he finishes. If they're not vomiting or having stinky poop I think you're ok.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 4:19am PST 
5 minutes, if that smile Leroy and Emma gobble up with raw food right away.


Raw fed &- polydactyl!
Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 6:41am PST 
Toby eats twice a day (early morning, late afternoon) and usually picks through his meals during the day/night. From the time I put down a meal, he usually finishes it within 4 hrs; if he doesn't finish it within this time frame, he tends not to touch it.

He has no problems from food left out and neither do I.


The Eskimo- Kisser
Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 8:30pm PST 
Thanks that makes me feel better. Every time I leave it just wondering if its okay but feel like it would be fine as they probably don't always eat it all in the 'wild'. Just wanted others opinion