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I am experiencing an unusual food related behavior problem. at least it is weird that i never had these problems until recently
my two youngest cats(now two) seem to always be hungry. neither of them looks underfed, they do have different body types the male is more lean and long so it appears that is underfed while the female is more chubby looking and definitely looks well fed!.
they each (all 5 cats) receive a total of 4 oz portion per day (cut into two meals so 2 oz per meal)

the first problem is with my youngest: she eats her meat very quickly as if someone will steal it from her, and than goes on to try and (successfully i may say) steal one of the other cats meat, unlike her the rest of my kitties eat slow, she also will not think twice and come back for a second try.
this means i actively stay with them while they eat to prevent this from happening- not very successfully.
I am at a lost end on this part, i don't want to give her extra meat because than i risk her gaining weight (and i already had to deal with one overweight cats in the past- my oldest- who lost some of it thanks to raw meat i have no desire to have to battle it again. but i am also exhausted having to play referee during feeding time.
it is all very confusing.

they eat raw meat from hare-today, as said twice a day. it is expensive enough as it is with having 5 cats, but as it is convenient and ensure bigger meat variety- which i think they appreciate- i buy it. but it is hard enough as it is.

is it possible that i am underfeeding them(her)? they all weight between 12-16.5 Ib. normal weight. my three oldest don't show any issues with the amount they receive, the youngest male has a tendency to try and get to any food he can (he is a plate stealer).

honestly i am at lost, should i increase the youngsters amount? try something else?
I am wondering if maybe it has something to do with the way they are fed, they eat on plastic feeding mats. so i am wondering if maybe changing the feeding to large bowls will be more useful?


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I can't tell from your post if you're feeding ground meat from H-T or bone-in. I just have a couple of thoughts. If you're feeding ground, why not try a wing or something with your girl to slow her down and keep her from stealing? A bone-in piece of meat should occupy her longer. Also, 2 oz. may be a big enough meal for most cats but not all. BK eats about 7 oz. a day and he's the same body type as your boy - long and lean. He's about 11 lbs. to give you an idea of size, but there are so many other factors like age and activity. Get back to us with more info about what you're feeding and we'll try to help some more!


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I agree with trying bone-in for the fast cat, or you could try freezing her portion. Another idea, is to use a crate or carrier to put either the fast one in, or the slow one.

Also, yes, I think younger males have faster metabolisms and need more food. That's the case here, certainly. Both our youngest (Shadow, male) and our oldest (Angel, male) need more than the girls.


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I can't add much more than BK and Shadow did without more information, but I do want to say that you're probably underfeeding your two younger cats. I would say that all four of my cats eat more than 4 oz in a day and they range in weight from 9lbs to 19lbs. One thing that you might try is adding in a third meal; I feed my guys 3x/day. Even if it's just a small meal, it might make your two younger ones feel less hungry. Or, just increase their portions at the two meal times that you've already established.