Bone percentage

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I was wondering what the bone percentage of each were, iv looked and cannot seem to find that information.

necks (turkey, chicken, duck)
feet (rabbit, chicken, quail, duck)

also are there and other bones, besides whole prey.

I'm almost out of food, which I feed ground so ill be placing a order at hare-today. But Ziggy has become more adventurous and ate a whole chicken heart [I had to hold it] figured maybe ill order some parts for franken prey to try.
Would the small meaty beef bones sold on hare-today be okay for cats?


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Hey Ziggy,

I am not sure of the bone percentages, but --

Are you feeding ground from Hare Today now? If so, double check because a lot of the ground stuff is whole carcass or ground meat/bone/organ so it should already be balanced.

I just ordered 10 lbs of various ground meat/organ/bones for Toby from Hare Today -- I also get a 2 lb order of chicken hearts -- I put 2 hearts a large scoop of meat in baggies and freeze them. This order made about 60 bags which should be good for a month!

Hare Today offers a lot of good stuff, I'd see about ordering a mix and just keep trying stuff! Toby especially seems to love the mutton.

A cat probably won't be able to eat a beef bone (too hard) but bird wing tips/necks/backs/ribs are usually good.

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Here are the percentages I've gathered:

Chicken back 44%
Chicken neck w/skin 36%
Chicken neck 75%
Chicken breast 20%
Chicken wing 46%
Chicken leg 27%
Chicken thigh 21%
Chicken foot 60%
Whole chicken 32%

Turkey back 41%
Turkey neck 42%
Turkey breast 10%
Turkey wing 33%
Turkey leg 17%
Whole turkey 21%

Cornish hen 40%

Whole duck 30%

Rabbit 35%

Frogs legs 15%


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Greebo, you don't need to worry about the individual bone percentages when you're feeding the ground from H-T - their ground mixes of meat/bone/organs are pretty close to balanced. I do add a pound of plain meat to a 5 pound bag of ground because I think that since the intestines and stuff are removed the bone percentage is slightly higher than 10%, and it's too high for my little girl and but every cat is different.

If I understand your other question, you want to start expanding Greebo's horizons! Rather than ordering a large package of something from H-T, why don't you try some things from your grocery store to see how he does? (You don't want to end of with 5 pounds of something he won't eat.) Beef bones, no matter how small, are not small enough for a cat. Stick to things like rabbit and small poultry. Maybe buy some chicken wings or a Cornish hen from your grocery store. I would experiment while he's on ground food to see what he'll go for and let him build up some jaw strength. That way you don't really have to worry about balancing too much, until he's really chowing down on bones.


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Ziggy, there are also rib bones from rabbits and chickens which can be good size wise for cats. One of my cats is difficult about bone, but he'll always eat the ribs.

If you are ordering from hare-today anyway to get your ground, you could try going for the 3lb of small rabbit pieces. You should know though, that the pieces aren't really what I would call small, but there are usually some pieces with ribs and the other pieces are usually somewhat easy to cut the meat off of, especially if you have kitchen shears (much easier than with a knife).

Additionally, if you just want to get Ziggy used to chewing, you could buy chicken gizzards from your grocery store. Gizzards are somewhat hard, but if you cut them up small enough so that they aren't daunting to a cat not used to chewing, they can be good for chewing excersize. Also, gizzards contain a lot of taurine, so they are good to include in prey model diets along with hearts.



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Few Days ago: I pounded a chicken wing tip up really well with a hammer [they would not touch it whole] they would not try it so i mixed it with some wet food and chicken. Ziggy threw up all the food he ate, which he loves chicken, chicken is a favorite for my two boys. I think it was because of the texture. He then refuses to eat any of it till its replaced with something else

Today: As I was chopping up some chicken [boneless] to freeze Ziggy decided it was feeding time. He was so cute I would give him chunks of meat, first smaller. But after a while he was eating it too fast for me to keep cutting so he decided to try to eat the meat off the scissors as I cut some. So I gave him a large chunk he truly had to tear threw and for once he ate it instead of deciding it was too much work to bother with. Yeah Ziggy

I also put down some more of the crushed up bone and EskimoJo chose to eat that first over his boneless chicken. Which very much surprised me as he's the pickier one. He doesn't even like the larger chunks of meat and will just sit and stare at me or eat some, get tired, and go sleep for a while. He is a little over weight and lazy.

I ordered some NOW bonemeal online. I'm still going to try other bone [ordering duck and chicken necks from ht] but got some Just in case as bones important.

So how much bonemeal do I give?


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What about the ground meat/bone/organ mixes from Hare Today? Then you don't have to add bone meal?

If you need to add bonemeal, there is a recipe on catinfo: http://www.catinfo.org/?link=makingcatfood#With_Bones....or_Without_ Bones
Look under the "September 2011 update".


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I would like to still keep feeding the chunk meat I prepare, but maybe be able to add bonemeal to it till I can get them to stat eating bones steadily. I was thinking of getting some of HT's coarse ground when I order tonight to, but Im trying to get them, into larger chunks.

I was wondering if I could add bonemeal to each meal as I serve it? and not add it to the whole batch in case they decide they like bones.

Im ordering some duck and chicken necks tonight from HT hoping maybe they will give them a try. [also my dog's love necks]


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My Hare today order I just placed

1 x Chicken Necks, 2 lbs $4.49
1 x Duck Necks, 2 lbs $5.89
1 x Chicken Gizzards, 2 lbs $3.99
1 x Duck Hearts, 2 lbs $5.99
1 x Beef Lung, 2 lbs $3.69
1 x Rabbit Chunks [small pieces], 3 lbs $13.47
1 x Duck Pieces 3 lbs $10.77
1 x Whole Carcass Ground Quail, 1 lb $4.99
1 x Ground Goat/Bones/Tripe/Organs, 2 lb $8.78
1 x Ground Mutton/Bones/Organs, 1 lb $3.79
1 x Ground Duck/Bone/Organs, 1 lb $3.64
1 x Ground Pork/Bones/Organs, 1 lb $3.09

1 x Quail Feet, 30 feet per bag $2.39 [For the dogs]

I also have some chicken hearts from last time [they love them]chicken and beef liver and beef kidney are also in the freezer

I can get chicken and beef locally. Both which they seem to like.

Once again EskimoJo choose the eat his crushed chicken wing first.