can cats eat beef whats best for raw food

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i went for visit to the vet to ask about putting my cats on a raw food diet my vet looked at me as if i had something in my teeth shook his head no and said i could make my cats very sick, he said put them on dry food i said i noway i just switched them to wet food and thats where i was staying no more dry food. i would like to know what raw foods they can have mainly meats i know they shouldnt have raw pork, but would beef be ok chicken is getting high in price where i live. i also wonder why my vet thinks raw food diets are really bad. i also have a kitchen aid grinder but i dont know if will grind chicken bones.


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Unfortunately your vet's reaction is very normal. Vets are not taught much about feline nutrition in school and what they do learn is taught by the big pet food companies. So of course they're taught how wrong and dangerous raw food is.

Yes, cats can eat beef and even pork. It's up to their (and your) personal preference. BK is a real red meat kitty and prefers meats like beef, lamb and venison to poultry.

Just make sure whatever meat you serve is properly balanced. If you're serving ground raw the recipe on catinfo.org is great. If you're doing Frankenprey make sure you have the 80/10/5/5 ratios.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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I would stick to meats that a wild cat would eat: chicken, turkey, rabbit, small game birds like quail and pheasant, venison, etc. Beef and pork can be fed though wild cats don't hunt cows or pigs shrug

Rabbit meat is very low in taurine so if you feed that be sure to add in a taurine supplement or follow a good recipe.


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Yes, you can feed beef as the others have written. Chicken is getting expensive, but I think that all meat is now.

You can't really predict which meat(s) your cats will go for until you try them. Most people start the conversion to raw with some kind poultry, usually cut into small bits, but you can try any meat that you wish to. Don't be disappointed if it takes a while to convert them; they may not like every kind of meat that you try.

It is best to feed a varied diet. I wouldn't try to only feed beef because it is cheaper (although where I live beef is expensive too). Different meats have different nutrient profiles and some cats get bored eating the same things over and over again. Even with canned foods, I would mix up the different proteins.

I feed pork to my cats and they love it. U.S. sourced pork is safe these days, but don't expect a vet to agree with that. I just tell my vet that I feed raw when he/they ask what I feed and they don't say anything, although I can tell that there is one tech there that would love to argue with me.

If you have not already, please read catinfo.org, catnutrition.org, and rawfedcats.org. The raw diet should be 80% muscle meat (includes heart and gizzards) / 10% bone / 5% liver / 5% other secreting organ.


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We eats Dr. Pierson's raw food diet with chicken. Can usually find boneless chicken thighs for a good price, then add bone meal. Our vet thought it was the greatest thing when mom showed her the recipe. Now she usin' it, too! Even Bob who was malnurished went to the raw food as soon as he could go off the critical care diet last fall. We all be healthy and ACTIVE which for me, tryin' to drop a few pounds, is a good thing. Mom did cost comparison and figured that the raw food diet is the same as paying about $1 a 5oz can of wet food. We seen some fancy wet foods that cost bunches more than that! Keeeping 7 cats on raw food is a bit, but a lot less than sick kitty vet bills.


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Cats can eat beef as long as they don't show any reaction to it. What is "natural" for a cat to eat depends on the region the cat lives in and the size of the feline, and variety in the diet is very important due to the different nutrient and amino acid profiles of various meats, not to mention avoiding allergies, so I don't believe in limiting protein sources with the exception of pork (due to the risk of trichonella and psudorabies) and fish (which can be high in contaminants, can cause urinary tract issues, and can deplete the body of vitamin E).

I use Dr. Pierson's method, get all my meat grinds from hare-today, and make my catfood for .89 to 1.00 per day, and that price includes shipping, free range egg yolks, and supplements made in the U.S. I keep a rotation of 5-7 proteins and split my batches so she gets 3 proteins per month.

Her rotation this month is chicken, rabbit, and beef. I also have turkey, goat, duck, and llama in my freezer.