frankenprey liver supplements

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I am feeding frankenprey to my cats but one of them does not eat liver or kidneys. (I am not sure why, probably it is the texture thing...).
I really need advise though on what to substitute the liver with.
Please help !


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I don't think there's a substitute for liver - you'll have to give vitamins maybe? I know Vitamin A, but I don't know what else. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will weigh in. As for kidney, it can be any secreting organ. We use sweetbreads because BK hates kidney too.

Have you tried different kinds of liver? If she won't eat chicken maybe she'd eat beef? And have you tried cooking the liver? Maybe that would get her started and you could decrease the cooking time gradually?


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Hi! Liver is an important source of iron, calcium, all the B vitamins, and vitamins A, D, and E.

I'm sorry that one of your kitties doesn't like it, most cats actually really enjoy eating liver. As BK said, try liver from different animals if you possibley can; it is possible that he/she might appreciate the flavor of a different animal.

You can also try serving an organ "mash" as a meal. Try to purre the liver and the kidney with something else, maybe something smelly, that they really love. Your cat might eat it if he doesn't realize what it is. You'd have to play around with the recipe to see what they like. You could add water, eggs, chicken broth, water from a can of tuna, maybe a little bit from a can of cheap-o, but smelly, fish cat food, bonito flakes, cheese, etc.

Even if your cat doesn't love something like the mash, maybe if you serve this meal with nothing else, he'll eat it because there is nothing else to fill up on.

You could also search onlynaturalpet.com to see if they have any supplements, but I would keep trying with the real organs if at all possible.

Good luck and let us know what happens.



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Dehydrated liver powder can be purchased from knowbetterpetfood.com (beef) and the various US Sources that carry TC Feline (Chicken and Beef). It can be mixed in the slurry with the other supplements. Start with a small amount in a single feeding to make sure it is eaten, otherwise you risk having to toss a whole batch.