Kitten going off raw?

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Hey everyone, sorry if this has been posted before:

My kittens have been on a raw food diet since i 9 weeks, they are nearly 4 months now. All of a sudden they seem to be getting picky with their raw bones and meat? Has anyone else experienced this before? they used to gobble it up, but now they kind of look at it walk away, realise thats it and the pick at it? i know they are hungry cos its feeding time and they come and ask food but i havent changed anything. and i dont think one of them is getting enough bone now, cos im finding runny poos frown whats going on?


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If a cat has a bad experience with a food, ie they regurgitate after eating it or a bone shard causes mouth pain, sometimes it will cause a food aversion. Has your cat recently been sick or presenting with any oral issues? Was the cat startled while eating by a loud noise or has anything about the feeding area changed that may make the cats want to stay away from it?


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What type of raw are you feeding? If you're only giving one protein source is it possible that they're just tired of it? Have you tried some variety?


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Take it easy, the cat eat different thing as the season temperature and wet . puppypuppy

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Maybe a little topping to add zest. A bit of forti flore or maybe a nice bit of liver?

I will not eat raw but do need to eat home made cooked to keep my poopies from running.