Do they make a raw-canned food?

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Hi All,

New to this site & thought it would be the perfect place to ask this question...

My two cats have been on a frozen raw food diet (Bravo, Primal, Nature's Variety, etc.) for a couple of years now and we love it! However, since we live in CA, I've recently been trying to stock up on some emergency supplies in case of an earthquake. I've been looking into some different backup food options (like freeze dried, dehydrated, etc.), but think canned might be the way to go because of the water content.

Does anybody know if there is a raw food being canned & sold commercially now? I'd like to stick to something as close to raw as possible, or at the very least, the best most natural & complete canned food.


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The only raw food avaiable in a can that I know of is Ziwi Peak It's very expensive shrug You'll find this brand at local independent pet store and some online places like OnlyNaturalPet.com

Freeze dried raw food is another option you can use for emergencies. Not all brands of freeze dried raw food are 100% complete so be sure to read the label. Two brands that I know of that are 100% complete are Stella and Chewy's and Primal Pet You should rehydrate the food in water before feeding.

Dehydrated raw food is another option. The Honest Kitchen has two cat formulas. The food must be rehydrated in water before feeding. It comes as a dry powder which isn't easy to eat shrug

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Marlin, mommy bought us some ziwipeak canned raw last week, for a bit of diversity, and she is not 100% convinced it is pure raw, the color of the meat looks like cooked meat.
she bought too many to return it, so she'll keep it and use it as treats or save it for when she is on vacation and the cat-sitter is here.

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You're right. It is kind of cooked: Each can of ZiwiPeak Cuisine is retort-cooked in its own sterile container to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. shrug

Here is a way to can your own homemade raw meat for emergency use: http://tcfeline.com/2010/08/20/home-canning-meat-for-your-cat/ You MUST use the TC Feline pre-mix or other brand of pre-mix so that the food is 100% complete. The pre-mix contains all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs.