kitty can't keep down raw

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Hello all, we used to feed raw to one of our kitties (he passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago) and now we've decided to switch back to raw with our Sphynx who has (unconfirmed but highly suspected) IBD. He refused to eat the raw in the past but now he's doing good. However our other boy who is 1 yr old will eat the raw but he throws up every single time he eats it. Even if it's just a morsel. We now have our IBD boy and our kitten on the raw but I can't get our 1yr old to keep it down. Anyone else ever heard of such a thing? He has no problem with kibble or canned just raw and I'm really wanting to get him on raw and need advice. Thanks!


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Hello Radar!

You can check out my post "Ideas for a VERY picky eater" about half way down this page which may have more ideas for you - one of my kitties is the same way with throwing up!

In any case what I'm doing for him now is a 50/50 mix of canned food (Nature's Variety) and whole ground raw (from Hare-Today.com). He will also get raw boneless pork, beef, rabbit and heart chunks (he seems fine with any raw boneless meat, just not organs). Anything other than that he will puke right back up! Still haven't pin-pointed what is making him barf - any commercial raw comes back up, and even plain whole ground raw got thrown up although he can keep it down mixed with canned shrug


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I agree, organs might be th culprit. My younger cat was doing the same, but she is fine eating raw beef and pork chuncks.