whole pray.. anyone?

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i have been recently considering moving to whole pray diet.
except that it seems i have some kind of barrier. i can do the chicken thing, even beef and pork (when they will eat it) but the idea of feeding rabbits, tiny chickens and mice is... it's like i have this barrier in my mind. i can't stop myself from seeing these animals as cute and fluffy as opposed to my cats dinner..

for those of you who are feeding whole pray, how did you move past the mental and emotional barrier?

currently my cats eat mainly chicken (bones and organs) and it's all good but i do want to give them more variety, without breaking my bank account (i am a student so funds are limited).
plus the few times they caught a mice that has entered the apartment, they never ate it, just played with it. so i am not sure if they will even eat whole pray.

i was thinking instead of continuing the current diet of whole chicken cut up (with bones) but for a few meals during the week feed them something like nature's variety, with the more expensive variety like rabbit.
but i'm not sure how that will go financially. since i am feeding 5 cats!

again, how does one goes over the barrier? is whole pray cheeper than store bought chicken?

and how do you keep the floor clean with whole pray? i have carpets in almsot every room but the kitchen and bathroom and my cats love taking their food from the kitchen to other location in the apartment and eat it there.. on the carpet.

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I don't feed whole prey because I have the same mental barrier you do and honestly, my guys are so far removed from being hunters I'm not sure they'd eat it. If you don't like the idea why not just introduce more variety via Frankenprey? There are plenty of meats besides chicken that you can feed.

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i am not a fan of whole prey diet. For one, my cats wont eat them. For two, i dont want them flipping around dead mice all over the house. For three, i question the integrity of the whole animals. at least with chicken meat, i know it was prepared for humans and is a little bit safer. Lastly, i would have a hard time balancing whole prey diet.

ive fed rabbit meat, however, i ground it up. I also was at the farm when the farmer killed it and prepared it for me, so know it wasnt sick or killed with chemicals.but that kind of meat is hard to come by.