Dehydrated Organs

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Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether dehydrated organ meat can be substituted for part of the fresh organs in a frankenprey diet? I'm not sure if dehydrating completely changes the nutritional value or not, I'm assuming it would change slightly since the meat has been heated but at a low temp.

Turns out that dehydrated liver is very well received with all my kitties (including the pickiest eater ever - Cinder), whereas fresh is usually refused, even in small amounts. So it would be excellent if I could give some dehydrated liver (and other organs) to sub for the missing fresh stuff they won't eat. I've only tried liver so far, but would like to dehydrate spleen, kidney and lung next smile

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Cinder, I have known other raw feeders of cats who have done this - it's usually no problem to find dehydrated liver (all three cats and both my dogs love the Bravo Venison liver - they also have other options:


But that still leaves you short kidney, so about the only thing you could do there is dehydrate it yourself and I imagine it would be STINKY!

I don't give the Bravo stuff very often because in its dehydrated form it is more concentrated (I don't know the exact math, but if I were to give an ounce of fresh liver I'd give about half an ounce of dehydrated, or thereabouts) and I don't want to give too much.

You might try running the organs under some hot water or lightly warming them in a skillet before serving - the consistency changes a bit and seems to be more readily accepted to cats that are resistant to organs. You might also try sprinkling a bit of organic catnip on top if you have a cat that goes crazy for nip. (I used this technique quite a bit when I was converting Olivia & Tanner to raw.)


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Good idea with the catnip! I hadn't thought of that before even though all the kitties enjoy eating it when I sprinkle it down as a treat smile

I don't mind dehydrating my own kidney - I did the liver and it was a bit stinky, but I left it in the bathroom with the fan running which cleared it out. The cats still sat outside with their noses stuck under the door inhaling the "sweet" smell of jerkified liver - one of them might of even been drooling laugh out loud

I'll be careful not to over-do it since they're more rich than the fresh stuff!


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If it's dehydrated, make sure your cats have access to fresh water at all times. The problem with dried foods is that cats don't get much water out of it and it can be hard on the kidneys. you probably already know this, but I'm just sayin'.