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I'm not sure if this is related to the raw food diet or something else, but I'm worried it's the diet so...

We got Karela about 1 year ago and started her pretty quickly on raw feeding. When we got her she had a ton of thick, long whiskers including a couple of white ones. Within a few months of getting her, I noticed a lot of shedding of her whiskers (maybe 5-6 whiskers, including the white ones, which have never returned). She still seemed/seems to have plenty on her face (though they are very fine/thin), so I tried to make sure I was going by the book with her nutrient balance and supplements (following the Dr. Pierson/catnutrition.org formula). Following the initial higher-shed period, I have seen a few more drop (probably 3-4 over the last 9 months?)

Karela is the first strictly indoor cat I've ever had, so perhaps our other cats left their whiskers outdoors, but I don't ever remember finding cat whiskers around. I tried to look around the 'net and mostly found people saying "it happens, don't worry about it".

She otherwise seems extremely healthy - thick, shiny coat, very friendly and full of energy, but it still worries me. Low-stress life - no other cats, no dogs, kids and my husband and I both work from home so she gets pretty constant attention if she wants it. She has also gained a couple pounds since we got her (not overweight at all though, she was just thin to begin with).

Any similar experiences or ideas as to what might cause this? I can't help but worry. frown

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It is perfectly natural for a cat to shed whiskers just like fur. There was a couple profiled in "Must Love Cats" that collected all the fallen cat whiskers and, man, did they have a stack.

I do find them on the sofa, my chair, on the floor, under the table. It is just like our hair falling out and since your baby is strong and healthy, I would not worry about it.


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Whiskers are kind of like eyelashes, and hair in general... Sometimes it falls, but it'll grow back eventually shortly after.


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I volunteered at a local animal shelter the last eight years. One of the cats had no whiskers. It was the first time I had ever seen that. The residents at that shelter eat dry Science Diet so it definitely is NOT related to raw food being made wrong.