Has anyone ever offered their cat live prey?

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Ok, so don't automatically send me a bunch of hate mail, but, I have a DFA (dry food addict) that I am really trying to turn around to more species appropriate foods. I'd really rather not debate ethics, personal morality or human cruelty to animals- my interest is solely the best interest of my sweet boy, and by no fault of his own he is indeed an obligate carnivore. Several tricks and tips attempting to convert to wet food have utterly failed me. In my desperation to get him off the path of badness that will surely lead to a shortened life, urinary stones/crystals/FLUTD, periodontitis and early kidney failure I have considered that I could possibly address two problems with a single solution- Live Prey. He needs more exercise, and better nutrition. Could I not stimulate his instincts to hunt? Perhaps we could start with crickets and work our way up to feeder mice? And if we do, is a diet solely of mice balanced enough? Theoretically, I would be inclined to think, yes... But in practical application? Has anyone else on Catster ever contemplated this method of feeding? Now, I am prepared to meet certain negative reactions, but please think of my cat's health before you pass judgement. If he were a boa constrictor I don't think anyone would question a live diet......