Raw for Kidney Failure/Hyperthyroid?

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Tabitha- *RIP*

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I haven't made her a page yet, but Tabitha is a former office cat at my last job (my vet/dad semi retired and closed his location) and she is about 12 years old, my sister had her at her house but Tabitha was literally wasting away to nothing, she was 6.9# on 10/1 and today was 4.7# (which is why she came home with me, she's not giving her the medications). We discovered she has hyperthyroidism as well as Kidney Failure. Tabitha REFUSES to eat canned food, but I know she will eat raw as she has stolen a couple of pieces from my dogs when they were at work with me. Are there any special dietary considerations that I need to make?

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Alex (sweet angel girl)

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I just wrote you a response about this in the health thread. smile

Tabitha- *RIP*

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Thank-you so much!

Gumpy Sweet- Boy

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Hi Tabitha and family,

You could consider getting a consultation with Dr. Lisa Pierson. On her catinfo.org site, Dr. Pierson mentions that she does dietary (and more) consultations for older kittes with kidney and other issues. It's not free (obviously smile ), but it's just another possible piece of guidance that's available. She seems to be quite knowledgeable about raw food and special dietary considerations that may go along with feeding raw. Dr. P has as email addy on her site. I have been thinking about getting a consultation for Gumpy with Dr. Pierson, so I thought I'd mention this to you...

Best wishes!


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For a cat with failing kidneys, it is recommended to dilute the protein content by adding plain cooked pumpkin or baby food squash to the recipe.

Check out this link.

They are referring to food made with their premix, but the concept should apply to any balanced raw diet.