Wont eat raw or natural diet any more

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Our cat is 1yr old, and was on a georcey store diet for the first six months of life, He had blood in his liquid stool. The vet said there were no parasites and to try a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice.

So, I started reading about raw diets and I started with just raw chicken and he loved it, the blood and diarrhea stopped in two days! Things went great for about 2 months, untill I came home one day to 2 piles of undigested and unchewed raw chicken on the floor with a dark yellow liquid all over it.

After that I started boiling the chicken and putting it through a food processer with cooked eggs, steamed carrots and zucinni. He gobbled it up at first, but over the last month he just doesnt eat much of it. when I put the dish down he'll run over, eat a few bites and walk away and come back about every half hour and do the same thing untill its about half gone.

I've tried raw chicken a few times after he threw it up, he'll eat it but not all of it. and when he eats the raw chicken, He likes to grab a peice and go somewhere in the house to eat it and come back for more. And I dont want raw meat all over my house lol.

What can I do to get him to eat a good diet? Should I add something else to it or change it all together? Thanks for the help! -Loren-

P.S. he wont even touch hearts or livers.


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Are you feeding him plain raw chicken meat for every meal, every day? If so, go to the store immediately and buy him some commercial raw and start feeding him that today, right away.

A diet consisting of nothing but plain chicken meat is grossly unbalanced; after two months eating such a diet, your boy needs to get on a correctly balanced diet ASAP.

After he's been eating a balanced diet for a couple of months, if you want to continue home-preparing his foods, you'll need to start feeding him a variety of meats, organs and bone-in meals, using the 80% - 10% - 5% - 5% guideline of meats - bones - liver - organs.

CatCentric.org has a frankenprey / whole prey feeding guide you might find helpful (http://catcentric.org/raw-feeding/a-frankenprey-and-whole-prey-feed ing-guide/). CatInfo.org has a ground raw feeding recipe (http://catinfo.org/?link=makingcatfood).

Alternatively, you can continue to feed your boy a rotation of commercial raw products.

The most important aspect, for now, is to get him on a balanced diet ASAP.

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Allen is right - that doesn't sounds like a balanced diet. And chicken day-in and day-out may just be boring him. Also, skip the carrots and zucchini - he can't digest them and they may be adding to his stomach upset. The best website for raw diet details is catinfo.org. Or you can check out the articles DynaCats mom and I wrote for Alex's mom's website about feeding raw: http://www.ibdkitties.net/rawinstructions.html Make sure you get the essential proportions right and give as much variety as you can if you go the Frankenprey route, so he can get as many nutrients as possible.


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Maybe you're not explaining exactly what you were feeding, but it sounds like no bones or organs? What were you doing for calcium? If you are going to feed a prey model/frankenprey diet you must do 80% muscle meat (includes hearts and gizzards), 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other secreting organ. The nutrients provided by bones and organs are essential and are not supplied by muscle meat alone. Please read the sites suggested by BK and Allen and you can also check out rawfedcats.org for info on the prey model diet. Alternatively, if you are time challenged, you can feed one of the many commercially available raw diets such as Nature's Variety Instinct, Stella & Chewy's, Primal, etc which all sell complete and balanced diets. You can also buy pre-ground muscle/bone/organ mixes from hare-today.com.

And, as BK suggested, maybe your cat is just tired of chicken. I know that chicken is not the favorite of my cats, they much prefer lamb, beef, and turkey.

I hope that I don't sound too much like I'm coming down on you, and it's great that you are trying so hard on working on a raw diet for your cat, but it is really important that it is done correctly.

Please come back with any questions and we'll all be happy to help.