Would this be a good diet?

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Day 1 AM: Boneless chicken
Day 1 PM: Chicken necks

Day 2 AM: Boneless turkey
Day 2 PM: Turkey livers

Day 3 AM: Turkey hearts
Day 3 PM: Boneless chicken

Day 4 AM: Boneless turkey
Day 4 PM: Turkey livers

Day 5 AM: Turkey hearts
Day 5 PM: Boneless beef

Day 6 AM: Beef short ribs
Day 6 PM: Beef liver

Day 7 AM: Beef heart
Day 7 PM: Beef kidney


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Hi Quintan and family!

Your menu as you listed it is on the right track, but it needs some tweaking.

I would not serve liver by itself as a meal. To make liver into a meal on it's own, you would have to serve a lot of it, more than would be required it a cat's diet. Eating too much liver causes mushy poop, so you would be dealing with some messy litter boxes. What I do is serve a piece of liver, or whatever organ I'm serving, in with another meal. So you could put a piece or two of chicken liver in with some chicken muscle meat, or gizzards, or with a neck, you get the idea. It is ok to serve heart by itself as that is not a secreting organ and counts as a muscle meat for raw feeding purposes.

I would not serve beef short ribs to a cat. Beef bones are way too big for a cat and they might damage their teeth. More appropriate sized bones are those found in game hens, chickens, and rabbits. Even duck and turkey bones are generally too big for most cats.

If you are planning on feeding Quintan raw be really careful about bones as he is just a tiney kitten. You could maybe try pinky or fuzzy mice with him.



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Wait a sec, I don't see any bones in this diet at all since a kitten can't eat beef bones. This would NOT be a good diet. The rule of thumb is 80% muscle meat, 10% bones, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ. You will have to figure out the total amount Quinlan is eating and then figure out the correct percentages. It's important to stick to the percentages so that you are sure that Quinlan is getting all his nutrients. There are some good websites you can take a look at - one of my favorites is catinfo.org. I also wrote an article for Alex's website about raw feeding that might be of some help: http://ibdkitties.net/rawinstructions.html

Good luck and feel free to come back with more questions!


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The necks and short ribs provide the bone, but I agree that the short ribs should be changed to something else to avoid damaging the cats teeth and other issues.