Chicken is off the menu.... Sigh

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Purred: Tue Aug 9, '11 7:18am PST 
So, for whatever reason, both my cats keep turning their furry little noses up at Chicken thighs lately. They LOVE Cornish hen, steak, and fish, but every time I put chicken down in front of them lately, they keep snubbing it... Has anyone else ever encountered this? shrug It's very strange...


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BK's not a fan of chicken at all. Only the non-muscle meat (heart, gizzards, liver) and the necks for bone. No meat. He will however eat turkey, especially the dark meat. So that's another poultry option for you.

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I have the reverse problem - all three of mine are chicken freaks. They prefer chicken to just about anything ... so I'm constantly worrying that they're not getting enough red meat. shrug


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Snowflake is like that to. She will eat chicken though. But hates chicken gizzards and hearts. Now Stella is addicted to chicken she loves anything to do with chicken.


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Purred: Wed Aug 10, '11 4:33am PST 
None of my cats will touch chicken thigh any more, so I stopped even bothering. They have instead decided that breast meat is the way to go. I feel like I'm giving them Wonder Bread instead of whole wheat.

Also, they will sometimes eat chicken necks, sometimes not...sometimes eat chicken gizzards, sometimes not, same with hearts. Nothing can convince them to touch wings or drumsticks. But, they love game hens which are really the same thing. Go figure.shrug


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Purred: Thu Aug 11, '11 6:31pm PST 
A lot of mine do not like chicken thighs, though they love any other parts of a chicken. Chicken thighs seem to be somewhat slimy - it could be they just don't appreciate the texture!


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I have six cats and feed a large variety of meats including chicken wings, ribs, breast, liver and quarters (along with rabbit, turkey, pork, beef, and duck meats, bones and organs).

There are days when one cat or another just doesn't feel like eating what I've put in front of them... I address this by sprinkling the "offensive" food with Whole Life's Chicken 100% meat treats. It successfully encourages the recalcitrant cat to eat pretty close to 100 percent of the time.

Maybe this would work as well for you?

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