Freeze Dried for cat on Chemotherapy?

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Hi everyone
I have a cat on Chlorambucil and prednisolone for Chronic Leukocytic Leukemia.
I've been playing around with different foods to try to get her to eat more consistantly. For the majority of her life she has been eating canned Wellness.
I looked into the raw diet and really liked the idea of it, but most articles that I found that advocated the raw diet, said to not feed it to an animal with a compromised immune system (ie chemo).
I went to my local pet store to get a variety of food to try on her (merrick, hound & gato, natures variety, etc...) and they gave me some samples of The Honest Kitchen prowl freeze dried food. When I got home I realized it is actually freeze dried raw food. Is there anything in the freeze drying process that would kill any potential bacteria? Or would I just be safer to not feed it?

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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I think you'd be safer not to feed it. Free drying really doesn't take the nutrients away. That's too bad you can't feed it. At least not while on chemo drugs.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Prowl is actually dehydrated raw food, not feeze dried. Dehydration and freeze drying are completely different processes. Both types doesn't kill bacteria. I wouldn't feed it to an immunocompromised cat for safety reasons.