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Alot of recipes call for vitamin powders to be mixed into the mix. I was curious if its ok to do a cat multi vitamin instead.Its alot easier for me to supplement separate then the mix.

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Sorry, Grim, I've never done it that way so I'm not really sure. Anyone else?


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I've never done it that way either. My guess is that it's not quite as good. I think that the supplements in ground are because they're taking into account not including "other" organ, taurine lost in grinding/freezing, etc. So those are specific supplements to make up for what might not be in the ground. If you feed a multi you could possibly be giving too much of something like Vitamin A which is not water soluble - at least if you've got liver in the ground. I'm not sure - that's just my guess.


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I'm afraid I make three... I just do a well rounded diet, with as much ariety as I can and that has always been perfect for my guys. (Cats and ferrets included)


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I actually do add vitamins, so I can speak to this. smile

If you can find a nutritionally complete pre-mix or multi, then it should be no issue, but you will have to make sure whatever you use has sufficient levels of all the necessary nutrients.

Here's the breakdowns from Dr. Lisa Pierson's catinfo.org and the other site catnutrition.org (which Dr. Pierson endorses). Numbers on the right are the recipe from the websites - numbers on the left are per Lb of meat/bones/skin. (Note, I use Iodide instead of iodized Lite Salt, so the numbers below are calculated for micrograms of Iodine based on the content in iodized salt and the quantity they call for - I also didn't include eggs as I didn't use them and Dr. Pierson said she has omitted them for a few years and did not include the added water in the calculations as I was just trying to figure out the vitamin ratios):

Lisa Pierson Per Lb
3 lbs meat/bones/skin 1.00
0.25 lbs liver 0.08 (note, most frankenfood feeders say 5% liver, so use your discretion)
400 IU Vitamin E 133.33
50 mg B-complex 16.67
2000 mg Taurine 666.67
390 mcg Iodine 130.00
2000 mg salmon oil 666.67

Cat Nutrition Per lb
5.275 lbs meat/bones/skin 1.00
0.4375 lbs liver 0.08 (see note above about frankenfood feeders)
800 IU Vitamin E 151.66
200 mg B-complex 37.91
4000 mg Taurine 758.29
780 mcg Iodine 147.87
4000 mg salmon oil 758.29
4 caps Glandular 0.76

I can't speak to the quality but I know Alnutrin makes a supplement that is supposed to be specifically to add to a raw diet: http://www.knowwhatyoufeed.com/alnutrin_for_meat.html

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I agree that something like Alnutrin added to muscle meat and liver per the instructions would be nutritionally complete. But the question was about a multi-vitamin. And my worry is still that you might get too much of a vitamin that is not water soluble. I'm just not sure.