Feeder Mice?

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Hello! I have just joined Catster-I have a 14 year old female Torbie who has metastasised cancer-She is currently off most of her regular foods and seems to only want to consume the prey that she is still catching herself-mice and other small rodents. Since she seems so content with it, and I was worried she might occasionaly miss her quarry, I bought her a frozen feeder mouse from my local pet store (they raise and eunthanise their own) She did "lose" her mouse in the garage last night, so I thawed and offered her the feeder mouse...Much to my amazement she ate it all, save for a bit of tail. My question is...how many feeder mice should she be consuming a day? I am sure they aren't nutritionally equivalent to the wild mice she gets, but I am just happy she's still eating at this point. The vet has only given her a matter of weeks to live frown


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I'd say offer her as many as she wants. My ferret will easily eat 3 adult feeder mice a day if I let him. I've never tried giving them to the cats though... shrug


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Welcome to Catster, and we are sorry to hear that your kitty is ill. At this point, I agree with Archer, give her whatever she wants. Eating something is the key here. We will keep you in our thoughts. purrs, Tigger, Maizy & Smitty


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I agree - at this point let her have whatever she wants. I'm so sorry to hear she's ill. Enjoy your time with her.


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Thanks for your responses, I've continued to offer her one feeder mouse a day, in addition to the small amounts of canned and dry food she eats...she ate the whole one the first day and only half of one the next two days...perhaps she only ate half because her appetite for it was not "whetted" by previously having caught a live mouse that got away? There's no way to tell I guess. I am hoping she catches her own tonight-its been unseasonably cold here in the Bay Area so she's not wanted to do her own hunting much...


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I also agree, let her eat all she wants for mice. She deserves itlittle angel

Raw can only help a cat with cancer also - so maybe she just instinctively knows that.thinking With cancer, you want a cat to eat as healthy of food as possible, with as few of preservatives and additives as possible. You also want to lessen any unnecessary stress to the organs so it helps reduce stress by feeding raw. Since cooking does change the structure of the food, it ends up making it harder for a carnivore to digest, on top of the added carb levels that most cat foods have. Unfortunatly, carbs also feed cancer, so the less carbs the better.

I hope she will continue to be willing to eat the feeder mice. Else, something that may be tempting to eat, is 9Lives Flaked Tuna in Sauce. Cats typically love that food - at least if they love things like tuna. It is only 1.65% carbs on a dry matter basis, which is the second lowest food I have found, Before Grain 96% beef is the lowest of all.

I hope this helps and that you enjoy all the time you get with her. Spoil Chloie all she wantscloud 9little angel


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I would have to agree with everyone else. Let her eat as much as she wants. If you want an actual weight, it should be between 2% - 4% of your cat's ideal weight, daily. For example, a 10-lb cat would need between 3.2oz - 6.4 oz (113 - 181 grams) per day. If you feed large adult mice (20-29grams), that would be about approx. 4-9 mice. For XL adult mice (30-50 grams), that would be about 2-6 mice. I used http://www.rodentpro.com/catalog.asp?prod=3&label=frozen_mice as a guide. Just weigh the mice and do a few calculations for a more accurate amount.

Good luck.