Freeze Dried vs. Frozen

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Bailey-Smooth- Like Irish Cream
Purred: Thu May 26, '11 1:16pm PST 
Looking for others opinions on this. For your kitties raw diet, do you prefer frozen or freeze dried and why?

Olivia,- Tanner, &- Finn

The Dyna Cats!
Purred: Thu May 26, '11 7:18pm PST 
I actually prefer to do a home prepared prey model raw diet myself, but if I were going to choose between the two, I'd choose frozen. The reason being that, really, dehydrated or freeze dried raw is somewhat of an oxymoron. True, the ingredients in it were raw when they were freeze dried, but one of the main reasons raw is so great for cats is that they need to obtain most of their water from their food, and raw meat is about 80% water. So if you remove all that moisture, you've taken away a huge part of what makes a raw diet a raw diet. Not to mention the beneficial bacteria, phytochemicals, active enzymes and antioxidants raw food contains.

Obviously in an ideal world our kitties would hunt their own small prey, or receive it freshly killed, but that's just not realistic, so frozen (whether premade frozen that is commercially available or home prepared prey model) is the next best thing.

Freeze dried raw, provided it is fed rehydrated, like the Stella & Chewy's products, for example, can be a great tool when traveling or when squeamish friends, relatives, or pet sitters must be employed to watch your cat, but although they are more minimally processed than canned food, I don't know that I think they are all that much better than a top quality canned food. And though neither is inexpensive, comparatively a quality canned food (even Ziwi Peak, Addiction, etc.) would probably work out to be less expensive than a dehydrated or freeze dried raw product.