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So, I ordered some pre-made raw food the other day. It arrived yesterday but I was not able to pick it up yesterday. You see, I live in an apartment complex and if someone isn't home, it is left in the office until that person picks it up. Today, I picked up the food and when I opened it up, it was probably about 75-80% defrosted, possibly more.

Has anyone purchased frozen raw meat before and after it defrosts most of the way, re-frozen it and given it to their cat? Has anyone had any problems with doing that. I'm guessing it should be okay but I wouldn't mind getting a little additional input, as well. Thank you.


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Mandy, it's fine. In fact, when we order from Hare-Today we prefer that it thaw a bit so mom can divide it into single servings and then refreeze. The only reason they tell you not to freeze things twice is because of bacteria. If the food didn't get too warm and if you didn't handle it too much, you won't have any problem.

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I would assume such a package would clearly say "Keep Frozen" on the shipping box thinking Ask the apartment office what their policy is on how they handle such packages for residents who are not home at the time of delivery. If there is no policy, then I guess next time you would have to be home to wait for the delivery shrug

Partially thawed food should be ok if re-frozen.


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Should be fine. With the dog, I let her stuff (meat and organs) thaw completely and then re-freeze it (even the occasional ground that she gets). With her stuff, we usually get bulk from the butcher so it comes all frozen and stuck together.

With the cats, I've pretty much done the same thing. They're on the Rad Cat Raw right now with some chunked turkey and I thaw everything completely and then put it into ice trays so it's portioned out. The cats are fine.

I believe that even for people the USDA says that as long as there's frozen crystals still in the food/meat then you're ok. I think it's when it hits 40 degrees that it gets to the 'dangerous' point where it's warm enough for bacteria to grow. The only time that there should be much concern about the core being frozen and the rest thawed/cold is when you're dealing with a whole turkey because the outside portion of the meat can warm up before the core is anywhere near defrosted.


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This is actually good info for my mommy to know too. Thanks! Good question and good answers! big grin

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Also Mandy I've already had two vets tell me that a cat's gut is very hostile and their digestion time is short. It is rare for them to become sick via ingestion with the common bacteria found in meats like salmonella. It can happen but it's rare.

I mean you know, as an extra thing.. I know that doesn't help you if like you got ecoli and died. Not that you would I'm just talking too much now