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Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 5:20pm PST 
I dont know if this goes here but I will ask anyways. Me and my husband are fostering a kitten for a week *unless I change my mind and keep her*. Can a cat have canned salmon meat? I have been curious since my parents give it to us all the time and me and my husband hate it.


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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 5:11am PST 
Short answer would be yes. I few meals of canned salmon would be fine. Canned salmon is cooked though, so it will not have all the nutrients that raw salmon would have. A steady diet of canned salmon would leave to deficiencies.

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We use canned jack mackeral as a cheaper fish source. We feed a lot of other things too. So yes as a once every now and then, but no as a sole food source.


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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 1:23pm PST 
I just put a little bit on top of her food and she is chowing down..She is so tiny that she is the size of the paper plate that she eats off of


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And so CUUUuuuute smile

I like salmon. Other favorites... I liked chicken hearts. I also eat premade raw natures variety medallions, and ground turkey. mackeral as well...

Since i do not consistantly eat raw, I also get instinct grain free canned.