Best meats for cats???

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i feed raw to my pups and am getting nala set up to start... what are the best meats, what are the onjes to avoid, and are their any supplements that need to be added, will they get enough taurine? I am new to cats in general, so i don't want to screw her up.. she is very healthy, so that is a good start smile

right now, she is being weaned off kibble with grain free wellness. i am going to try NV medallions once we go through the two cans I got...

also, portion sizes... she is a small cat, and I am used to feeding 45 pound dogs... about how much should I be giving her?

and, is it ok to leave kibble out for her until she is consistant? I have alot left, so i don't want to waste it, either, but if it comes down to it, i can give it to a friend that will never ever be convinced to go raw... (it's kirklan maintenance..)

Also, why do even the grain free wet foods include so many veggies in a diet for an animal that is classified as an obligate carnivore?

sorry so many questions in one thread... but who wants to see my face on a 100 new threads smile


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Our crew tries to stay away from fatty meats...like beef and pork. We eat fish, chicken, turkey,quail, chukar,rabbit, pheasant,goose,elk, goat and lamb. We really love the elk meat!cloud 9
Hearts are a great source of taurine! We get an organ blend twice a week.

We eat the same as the dogs.....2.5%-4% of our body weight (see some of my previous posts for a better break down of how our crew eats)

We went cold turkey...with the exception of the oldest kitty who is a recovering "kitty crack" addict.

shrug Fillers? To make silly humans feel better about what they are feeding?


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I actually just plopped a chicken neck in her bowl to see what she wold do... she pretty much ignored it, so I plopped a lamb NV medallion in her bowl (warmed it a little, but it was still frozen for the most part) and she is eating it...

She already is a good weight, so I think she is a pretty good self regulator. Is it ok, to sort of see how often she eats kibble on top of the raw to see how much more raw i have to give her to adjust?

She just ate about half of the medallion and walked away.. so i put it in the fridge to give her the rest later... hmm.. it may be pretty easy with her at least getting on to NV medallions... Are they ok to use to start? I may stick with premade with her for a while and see how it goes... will it be enough or would I have to add a supplement to it? Maybe add some og the canned I still have to sot of balance out nutrients for now and the bone from the NV (which I know are a bit high in bone) or will the NV be enough for now? Should I just get rid of the kibble since he is willing to eat the NV and canned? Since she won't eat a mean with a ral bone in it yet, i almost want to keep the kibble for her teeth. they are so perfect right now as she has never eaten anything but kibble. The dogs eat their RMB's so I don't worry about their teeth so much...