Hello raw kitties!

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your cat's diet, please contact your vet!

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My mom is usually over on dogster in the raw forums. There are lots of great people there with both kitties and doggies.

Well, mom made a new group called "holistixperience." Consider yourselves invited, if you are open minded about holistic ways of caring for your furry companions.

The settings are set to public, so everyone is welcome...nobody needs to be approved or invited. So come on over, and if you have pups, bring them along for the ride!

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purrrrfest! Thanks!