Raw Food Intolerance? - Help Please

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your cat's diet, please contact your vet!

Cosmo (MoMo)

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Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 10:15am PST 
Sorry in advance all catsters if this is in the wrong forum.
MoMo is on raw food, she's been eating the brand Arusha for more than a year (will only eat chicken, turns her nose to turkey) and we supplement with salmon oil. Last week she started yakking her dinner, so we tried switching to bison, thinking it might be a chicken intolerance. (Our dog developed an intolerance to chicken) All was going well until this morning. She ate her bison portion then turned around and upped it all onto the floor, it was pretty solid still.
So, have any of you catsters that feed raw encountered this problem? Any advice on what I should try next? I just don't know what to do.
shrug (Note: I don't think it's hairballs either)


The 5lb Miracle- Cat
Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 10:42am PST 
It's possible that her stomach is just tired of raw. You can go on and off with raw, raw for a week, then cat food for a week.

It sounds like her tummy is rejecting something that is in it.silenced

Cosmo (MoMo)

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Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 10:48am PST 
Thanks Natasha, we tried fasting her for a day. Just made her cry more at feeding times!confused
I was thinking of giving her a break and trying a holistic brand dry food. She was on dry food the first 4-5 years and had a terrible runny eye which the vets couldn't solve for anything. When she switched to raw it cleared up immediately which leads me to believe that she has an allergy to something in the dry food. Her eye is easier to clean than the floor though!

Cosmo (MoMo)

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Purred: Tue Jul 3, '07 11:56am PST 
Alright, so I've gone from eating raw chicken with salmon oil to raw bison. I did okay for a day but started with the vomit again.
Then I fasted a day and started Innova Evo, but that just gave me the splarts!red face
So now I'm at the vet clinic, hoping a vet can see me in between scheduled appointments. My mom hopes I feel better soon!

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

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Purred: Wed Jul 4, '07 12:19am PST 
Abrupt changes in diet can upset a kitty's tummy. Any changes should be made gradually. Mixing new food with the old food and then gradually increasing the proportion of new should give her time to adjust.

I can't offer a good explanation for why she'd be getting sick on the food she'd been eating for a year, though. I'm glad you're seeing the vet!

Keep us posted! Hope you're feeling better soon, Momo!

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Cosmo (MoMo)

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My vet saw me, and because there is no change in appetite (I'm so hungry I cry and cry), and no abdominal pain it is still a mystery. So far worms and parasites have been ruled out, my blood test results should be in today to rule out any thyroid or other imbalance problems.
Last night I feasted on broth, and this morning I had a small portion of boiled chicken (this should be easier to digest than raw). If all goes good with the boiled chicken hopefully I can be slowly introduced back to raw.
Paws crossed that I keep the boiled chicken down.


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Personally, I wouldn't recommend going raw, then kibble, then raw, then kibble. The two are different forms of food, with different digestive times, and it takes time for each food to adjust to the cat's belly. Kibble has a slower digestive time, while RAW basically goes in and out. When a cat has been on kibble, it takes a week to get used to RAW, as the cat's body needs to reject the toxins and junk and such from the kibble diet. So putting the cat through it repeatedly isn't a very good idea, it could just make the problem worse.

My first thought when I read your initial post, is that maybe your kitty is just eating too fast? Is it still in chunks (like when you cut it up and put it in her bowl), or is it sort of chewed up (like the cat chewed it properly and upchucked anyways). If she's eating too fast, I would either cut the food bigger, so she has no choice but to chew (mommy had to do that with me once, since I got so excited at finally getting to eat RAW and was eating too fast), or you could cut it up into really small pieces, small enough that they won't trigger the vomit response, lol. Maybe you can simply try a different brand. I LOVED Arusha (whoohoo for another Arusha feeder!), but the store mom buys it at stopped carrying it, so mom now feeds us another Canadian brand called Pets Go Raw (also called Top Hand Supplies Ltd.). Arusha is a tougher, drier raw compared to Pets Go Raw; PGR is much more bloody and "ground hamburger" like in texture. No cutting, basically, just get a fork or spoon and spear off a bite-size and drop it in the cat's bowl. Arusha comes in paddies, but Pets Go Raw comes in a pack of 6 medallions (0.25lbs). It comes in 6 formulas, but the store mom buys at carries only 3 (Beef, Chicken, and Fish, though mom feeds the Chicken). There's also Turkey, Buffalo, and Lamb.

Here's the link to Pets Go Raw (aka. Top Hand Supplies Ltd.)

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Cosmo (MoMo)

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Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 9:53am PST 
Thanks Molly, I agree. With both my animals on raw for the last 2 years I have done a lot of reading up on raw diets. I dislike going to the kibble, but refuse to go canned (that's just my personal feeling). The only reason I tried the kibble is because I was hoping to get the vomit to stop, but it seems I just made the problem worse. Lesson learned for next time...
I really wish I had thought of broth and boiled chicken before the kibble, that seems to be staying down for her. And of course her expensive blood tests show nothing out of the ordinary. Oh well, had to rule out any thyroid and organ problems.
When we give her the Arusha we give her a quarter patty all broken up (we mix the salmon oil in) or else the oil just drains to the bottom of the dish and she doesn't get any. Too big of chunks and she tends to get it all over the floor (silly girl).
Looks like this weekend we will try to get her started with a bit of raw in with the boiled chicken. I wonder if putting a bit of broth in with the raw food will help slow her down?
Thanks very much for your comments, it has good points and certainly given me other options to consider. Meow!