Can raw food help a fat cat?

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The vet has been telling my mommy and daddy for years that I need to lose weight. At the last vet visit, I weighed 22 lbs. I've been on diets, but I always cheat. I eat my sister's food. She likes to eat half her food and save the rest for later. So I wait until she's done eating and then finish off her bowl too. Daddy's tried moving her bowl and hiding it from me, but I always find it.

So now sis is underweight and my brother and I are overweight. Mommy has been thinking of going raw because of all the recalls and because sis is such a finicky eater. Mommy's hoping she'll like raw food and eat more. But daddy's worried that I'll only gain more weight. Will I?


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As with any food if you eat too much you'll gain weight. Having said this I'm a 12lb Manx who should be a little closer to 11lbs. What I have noticed on raw is that although I still weigh almost the same, I have leaned out. I don't look as chubby.(It is natural for my breed to look heavy) I seem to have more muscle tone and less fat.
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Exactly what Karma said. If you overeat ANY food, it's going to contribute to weight problems.

Overall raw is healthier, and since it doesn't lend to free feeding, which seems to be your bigger problem, you'll probably do quite well on it.

Your meowmy needs to feed you at proper mealtimes, and not leave food out (for ANYBODY) between those mealtimes. In a very short time, if she sticks to her guns, everyone will learn to eat their portions when the food is available. This is the most important factor here.

I'm like your sister. I prefer to pick at my food, but Buddy jumps on any food left in my bowl if I walk away from it, and he'd be severely overweight if she didn't watch it, so our meowmy didn't give us a choice.

We've both been MUCH happier on raw. I finish my meals for the most part, and Buddy is... well... a brat. But a thin brat wink


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Another thing -- because you are getting more nutrition from raw food than from canned/dry, you may find that you eat less by volume. Of course that doesn't account for any "noshing" you may do just because you feel like eating!


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Thank you everone! Mommy is definitely liking a raw diet more and more. Now we'll just have to convince daddy. You're right about the free feeding, Nya. It was started in hopes that my sister would eat more and gain some weight, but I just can't help myself.