Hi Everyone

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Keepin-Katz- Mr Fudge

Prince Morgan- Ragpatch
Purred: Sun Mar 30, '08 1:54pm PST 
Just a quick hello to let you know I'm new here. If you would like to chat to me or my owner drop us a line.wave

My pedigree name is Keepin-Katz Mr Fudge but every one calls me Prince Morgan.


Purred: Wed Jul 16, '08 6:13pm PST 
Hey!!! Mum was doing a google and you came up in my results and even better - you and me are friends!!! Mum was doing a google on Ragpatch as she got given some other kitties pedigree and try as she could, the person who she got me from didn't ever give her the correct one. The breeder that Mum got me from was not the breeder that I originally came from - from what she can see, the Owner was R. Butler and Ragpatch I think could be who they trade under? Mum was wondering if you had a contact for them?? kitty