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Purred: Thu Sep 27, '07 8:29am PST 
Hi all,
I am hoping to get some insight into our newly adopted kitties. We adopted these kitties a few months back for my 11y.o. son who after much research decided this was the best breed for him.
We weren't given much correct information about these specific cats and at this point we feel very frustrated.
Basically we house and feed them. They want nothing whatsoever to do with us unless it is feeding time and even then they won't even let you touch them. Not to say that you can't hold them/pet them if A) they are sleeping B) you catch them and hold them. I guess I am saying they don't seek our attention and will aviod it if at all possible. We have tried giving them every kind of treat we can think of in hopes of winning them over but they will only eat them if you set them down and leave the room.
As of late they have taken to using the floor and this morning my office chair, as a litter box. frown
It is becoming increasingly harder to feel affection for these animals as we feel we're trying very hard and getting nothing in return.
Is it too late in their lives to hope they will make a turn around?
One piece of information that was shared with us AFTER we had taken them into our home was that they were a part of a cattery(sp?) in their early life.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 2:24pm PST 
Hello! Do you and Jelly have blue eyes? If not you are not pure Ragdolls, but that is not the point here. Looking at your bio you are 4 or 5 and were probably used as breeders for a cattery. It will take a long time for you to get used to humans, as I am sure you did not have much human contact during your breeding years. Tell your mom to be slow with you and give you space. If you are a Ragdoll you will warm up, but it might take a few months for you to trust anyone! Also, tell your new mom to keep you to a routine that does not change. Feed you at the same times each day and for sure never let you outside! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! karosenberg@hotmail.com


Purred: Mon Oct 22, '07 2:59am PST 
First off I know your message is old but it seems you did not get much info of any help so I'll try if you still read this thread.
I own Ragdolls and also run a rescue so my first question is where did they come from? A rescue ? A breeder? It will make a difference in the temperament what the cat has been through.
Also not all Ragdoll are pointed with blue eyes more and more breeders are breeding solids as they are called and hoping to get them ok'd for showing soon.
If they are not using the litter box then they are not happy that is all there is to it something is upsetting them and it's your job to find and fix it. But like I said it all comes down to where they came from to decide why they are acting this way.
Even Ragdolls if they are upset or are not socialized properly will act the way you describe. They can be sensitive cats no matter how adjustable the breeders make them out to be they will react to too many changes.
But keep in mind that all cats take their own time in adjusting to a new family I've had some that took years to become lap cats!
The litter box issue does concern me however and if you want to you are more than welcome to email me kapshill@aol.com or ragdollrescuenw@aol.com privately to get more advice or to just vent if you need to. I have helped many, many people find way's to keep their kitties who are having issues.
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Purred: Thu Oct 25, '07 7:36am PST 
Please don't give up! Rags is a pure Ragdoll arrived as a kitten and he is a Mr. Hoity-Toity, don't touch me, kinda guy. However, at night he snuggles under the covers with me and is very cuddly. Meanwhile, Lizy, the feral, that come to live with us two years ago is the most affectionate cat that has ever owned me. Cat's have personalities, same as people. Rags has no fear and greets everyone at the door and is the observing, curious one. Lizy is so needy, she makes me a little nuts sometimes. Keep on; you will make a family and it is worth reassuring them that you are their forever home.