Why doesn't my picture show on the Ragdoll page?

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Purred: Mon Sep 24, '07 5:46am PST 
I'm pretty sure I'm a Rag Doll, mom finally talked to the lady her family bought me from and the lady said my dad was enormous about 15lbs. or more. We think my mom was a Himalayan. Any way, mom and I keep looking for my picture to be added to the Ragdoll page but it never is, what does a kitty need to do to get her picture put up?


Purred: Tue Oct 2, '07 7:48pm PST 
You are adorable! I LOVE the name. My inlaws haev a cat named pyewacket. Many people don't know about that movie. Great film!

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Purred: Sun Oct 21, '07 8:41pm PST 
That is the same look I would give my humans when my food bowl was empty. You are a very pretty kitty. Do you go limp when you are picked up cause that is what ragdoll do and how we got our name. We also do not like to fight with others in the house. You look like you enjoy cuddling with other cats. Do you hide when strangers come in the house. We are lovers not fighters I let a little Yorkie pick on me then cryed really loud in protest so everyone would know I was upset. I was between 20 and 25lbs when I was full grown. Ragdolls are big cats so if you daddy was over 15lbs then you have ragdoll in you too.
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