Do you think I could be?

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Sweet Pea

Princess Of- Quite Alot
Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 10:12pm PST 
I was a rescue and mom doesn't know what my dad looks like. Do you think I could be one of you?? The vet says I feel like a bunny I'm so soft and everyone just loves to pet my soft fur. I'm also getting to be a very big girl at over 10 pounds at last count. My mom is amazed at how I look now compared to how I looked when she brought me home at 2 months old. I was all white with seal ponits and now I have splotches of color everywhere and my face colors are so different! I also looove it when mom holds my like the big baby I am. She says I'm her beautiful baby and I have to agree, lol. So what do you think...Raggie or not? The third picture down on my profile is when I was a baby so you can see how much I've changed.

Wendy Bird

"Pet Me!"
Purred: Sat Sep 22, '07 9:34pm PST 
Umm... I don't think you have Ragdoll in you. Siamese or Himalayan maybe. Your hair is too short, and your face is a different shape, but you are pretty!!!


The Purranator
Purred: Thu Sep 27, '07 12:23pm PST 
When I look at your picture, I see some siamaese in you. It is just how your face is shaped and your eyes, it reminds me alot of a siamaese. You could have snowshoe in you too since they are of the same colors.