Cincinnati - Looking for cat sitter for two special needs kitties

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Frank and Omar are two siamese special needs kitties. Omar has CRF and needs to get 150cc of fluids every day. Frank was just diagnosed with severe cardio myopathy and requires medication twice daily. All but one pill can be crushed into his wet food but he still needs to have one pill given via a pill shooter. My husband and I are supposed to go on vacation in June and are looking for a reputable pet sitter with lots of references that can administer fluids and meds. We do not want to kennel them because unfortunately, when Omar is put in a kennel, he refuses to eat. Over the Thanksgiving holiday (a total of four days) he lost almost two pounds - hence the reason for us wanting to leave them home. If you know of anyone who might fit the bill or if you have any resources for me, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.


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I have a suggestion if you have a hard time finding someone. Check with your vets office or other vet offices. Often you will find that the vet techs pet sit. When we still had Furie, she required insulin injections 2x a day and fluids. Our vet tech came over two times a day to giver her medication, food, attention and clean the litter pan.

Good luck

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You can search for pet sitters here

or here


Ironically we are also looking for a pet sitter in June, in a Cincinnati suburb. Most in the northern suburbs seem to have questionable backgrounds. Because of Mom's job the person has to be squeaky clean. We have one possibility so far. Let us know if you have any success.

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