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Otab's Girl
Purred: Sat Mar 1, '08 10:08am PST 
Who wants to play my storytelling contest? OK, here's how to play:
I give you a topic or a sentence starter. You make a story and post it on this page. Easy huh? No! Try and make a good story to be a winner! I will pick the winner and judges will be needed. Pmail me to be a judge.
1. No bad words, please.
2. You must use the sentence starter I give you to start out the story.
3. use good describing words.
4. Do not copy.
5. Make it not too short (Ex: It was stormy. The cats were bored. THE END. Rank: Too short)
dancing Rules are up!
Grand winner will win! There will be 5 runner ups. You will win a story and a gift! Runner ups will win something else. Please enter!
Story starter:

You do not have to write it in capitals. Winners please do not brag and please be patient. Please note: Your prizes won't come at the exact moment. dog kitty


Wishing to be a- deputy . . .
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 7:57am PST 
Please somebody post! Please!


Play That- Funky Music- White Cat
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 3:13pm PST 
Sounds FUN!!! ^__^

My Story:-

It was a dark and stormy night. The Hallway was quiet except for the howling wind outside and the cranky floor boards as the mistress of the house walked over them. Thoughtfully she took 3 steps up a narrow staircase, looked back and forth, thinking if she should go up or not...
Silence only came as she approached the door at the top of the staircase, taking in all her might to clear her mind, she started to calm down but the second she put her hand over the door knob, she got very aggitated, sweat poured from her forhead and her mouth became dry, body temprature decreasing every second.... Mice scampered by her feet. Roaring, pelting noises from the outside. Grasping at the Door Knob she turned it very slowly. Nudging the door open she almost fell through at the sight of red glaring eyes to the right of her. A BANG and a CHITTER, next moment she fell and lay dead on the Attic floor!

Maggie Moo!- {{RIP}}

I miss- you...♥
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 5:41pm PST 
OMC Spikey that is scary eek I guess I'll give this a shot way to go

It was a dark and stormy night. The hallway was quiet except for the sound of the woman's heart beating, well at least she thought someone could hear it, her heart was beating so loud and so fast. But she hoped whatever it was didn't. Something, or someone, was downstairs. The woman didn't know, and she didn't want to find out. She had no husband to keep her safe, no son who may have had a baseball bat, no daughter who might have a baton, nothing...Just herself, and the hope that it is nothing more than...Well...The woman didn't know. She had no animals to be making this noise, so what could it be? The woman ponders this same question. In the midst of her thoughts, all of a sudden she hears the creaking of the stairs. The next minute, the world went black. The woman was all alone. Just like she had been, all her life...

Oh and I have a question..Are we allowed to enter more than once? laugh out loud

Cleo (The- Queen) RIP

I am the Queen- of the house....
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 7:04pm PST 
It was a dark and stormy night. The hallway was quiet, except for two men in charcoal gray suits discussing Project FOAA at the smoky table just around the corner. AKA: Felines Operating As Agents. It was well known that the feline species was much more intelligent than humankind had originally realized. Because of this, our government had developed a plan so incredibly cunning that one would think a cat came up with it. Secret agents would be placed into loving homes of the rich, famous and often crime-filled to gain information and report it back to the head of the CIA. Yes, humans and cats could now communicate-humans had finally filled the gap that was blocking true communication and learned to speak feline. The first two agents were already in place living the life of luxury at a well-know rap singer’s house. One of the men in gray reached for his cell, as it’s piercing shrill cut through the darkened smoked filled room-it was agent Cleopatra reporting in. “This is 002 reporting in, you need to get here quick! The deal is going down tonight-repeat the deal is going down tonight!” Gunshots rang out, and the phone went dead in the gray suits hand...


The Princess of- Petromalt
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 9:22pm PST 
It was a dark and stormy night. The hallway was quiet except for the sound of a kitty throwing up a hairball. The sound was so frightening that it woke our Mom up from a deep sleep. She lay there, wondering "Which one of our 5 cats DID that?!" Tossing and turning, she dreaded getting up out of bed and walking through the dark hallway, knowing that at every step, she might step in the dreaded hairball. The storm had knocked out the electricity, so there would be NO LIGHT in that hallway at 5 am., when we kitties demanded to be fed.
The time had come, and us kitties were meowing and jumping on the bed, demanding breakfast. Mom knew there was no turning back. She slowly got out of bed, and cautiously began walking down that long, dark hallway...BAREFOOT. Sweat began to drip from her forehead with each tenuous step. Now her heart was beating faster...one step, two steps, so far, so good. Slowly, she inched her way down the dark hallway. Time seemed to stop. "Just a few more steps..." she thought. Then suddenly, it happened! Her foot landed in a cold, gooey, lump of throwup! She screamed and began running willy-nilly through the house! "Get it off me! Get it off me!" she screamed, waking up the whole neighborhood, and scaring the fur off us kitties! She finally got some sense , and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel to wipe it off...IT HAD GOTTEN BETWEEN HER TOES. ewww....
P.S. It wasn't me, Mom!


Otab's Girl
Purred: Sun Mar 9, '08 7:29am PST 
Spikey, Maggie, Cleo, and Ceylon, congrats! Especially you, Ceylon, that was an awesome story!
And others, they were scary! Ok, to figure out the grand winner, we'll have to do another part of the contest. Rules are:
1. to make it scary or funny!
2. This time, i will not give you a sentence starter but a topic.
3. Follow the rules!
4. Use the topic.

The topic is:
Saint Patrick's Day!

You can create your own starter. Remember:
Have fun and try to win!

Love, Chiko


Play That- Funky Music- White Cat
Purred: Sun Mar 9, '08 3:31pm PST 
DING DONG, went the door bell as A Tall dark man answered the door to realise what was not there...
He closed it shut and went back to his paper work on an early St Patricks Morning. "Daddy, Billy wont let me play with his Shot gun" came a voice of a small little girl. "WHAT?" echoed the dad as he faced his daughter. Billy came across the living room and was looking at his dad, he held up a toy shot gun. Mindlessly the dad blinked again and again, till it all finally sinked in. Billy give your sister a shot of the toy shot gun.
Minutes later, "Oh my gosh", said the dad as he looked at his watch, I got to run. And he did just that, he ran out of the house and into the car without 1 word to his children before leaving.


The door bell rang! Billy got to the door first and opened it with ease. No-one was there. He closed the door, walked two steps when it rang again but he was quicker this time and opened the door in what seemed like a milli-second. Yet no-one was there, was someone pulling a joke on the Evan kids?
Or was the door bell broke?
They took their time into the living room and planted their selfs down into a comfy chair. The Door Bell rang. NOT AGAIN, screeched one of the kids... but this time they turned the corner of the living room and were facing an open front door. Billy turned to face Julie but she wasn't there, he turned back to face the door and back again to face where Julie should be. He felt like screaming but couldn't, he felt like crying but wouldn't, he felt his heart tighten as he was facing an Evil Leprachaun with the head of Julie Evan's in a pot of Gold!
He quickly picked up the shot gun but all was to late, everything went dark and everything went quiet.
Kill me Im Irish!

Theres mine big laugh

It is quite scary, but I guess it has a lil bit of humour in it..
Its quite long and its the best I could do with the Topic - St Patricks Day laugh out loud


Cleo (The- Queen) RIP

I am the Queen- of the house....
Purred: Sun Mar 9, '08 6:00pm PST 
It was a time of mischief and mayhem-Saint Patrick's Day! Mysty and Cleo were home alone. They both had just got done devouring a mouth-watering breakfast of kibble and wet food when they heard the scampering of feet! It had to be MICE!! Both cats became alert at once as their ears twitched forward to find the tiny sounds of feet. Carefully they stalked into the hallway and down the basement steps into the cool darkness. Their pupils enlarged as they walked towards the quiet scuffling sound, slowly-ever so slowly, they got ready to pounce! Just as they arched their backs and began the leap a small man dressed all in green popped his head out from behind a discarded candy wrapper. It was a Leprecon!!! I real one!!! Now all they had to do was catch him and he would HAVE TO TAKE THEM TO HIS GOLD!!! Mysty closed her eyes (just for minute) and envisioned sardines, tuna, and milk…ah, a life that only the richest of cats can afford. Cleo’s nose twitched as she imagined all the kibble and milk she would be able to have. Of course being the loving cats they were they would have to buy mommy something too, hmm what would it be, ah maybe, “Hey what am I doing?” thought Cleo. Mysty opened her eyes and spotted a glitter ball on the floor. “Was I pouncing on something?” she wondered as she patted at the ball with a velvety paw. Neither one remembered the little man in green as he softly slipped away.


The Princess of- Petromalt
Purred: Sun Mar 9, '08 8:38pm PST 
"We're going to the Emerald Isle this St. Patty's Day!", Dad announced to me! The land of leaprechauns, gold and everything green! I blinked my beautiful blue eyes at Dad and meowed, "But what is there for kitties? Do leprechauns taste good?" I wondered. So off we went, Dad and me, taking a tall ship across the sea to Ireland! I wasn't too thrilled with the ride, but Dad let me out of my cat carrier and I was able to scamper around on deck and catch some wonderful, juicy mice! Uummmm...I wonder if Leprechauns taste like mice, or chicken? Once we landed on the beautiful shore of Ireland, we saw a rainbow immediately! "Ceylon, you know what THAT means...Gold" Dad shouted! "Tasty leprechauns!" I mused! So off we trotted across the heather and heath fields, (filled with abundant mousies, no less!) and soon we were at the end of the rainbow! There sat a huge pot of gold (ho-hum!) and peeking out behind it was A LEPRECHAUN! I knew right away it was a lepreachan cause he smelled like shamrocks, and beer! Once I saw him though I knew instantly that he would not taste good - he was wearing way too much green and it reminded me of all the green cat grass that Mom grew for me, but that I threw up, again and again. Just looking at that little green guy made my stomach queasy! So I ran back to the fields, while Dad stuffed his pockets full of gold (ho-hum) and that was our adventure in the green, green, (oohhfff) Emerald Isle.

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