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MORGAN the PIRATE's Birthday Party: Friday Sept 7 at 4:00 pm Pacific; 7:00pm Eastern

This is the place to talk about anything and everything cat-related going on where you are or where you've been with your best furiend! All those who enjoy taking their cats out gather here to share info on local cat-friendly places and find out about meet ups with other cat owners in your area! Check out Catster Local for pet-friendly products and services in your neighborhood!

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Jillian- Grace

Choose Life! I'm- glad Mom did!
Purred: Sat Sep 8, '07 9:05am PST 
Hello MY Morgan!

Perhaps we can have an intimate celebration at another time.... you swash-buckler you!!!!

I'll never forget our night together at your B&B where you greeted me with so much Pirate finesse. You are so suave and debonaire.

I dream of you still.................

Happy Happy Birthday dearest Morgan!

Your Princess in waiting.........


It's all about- ME!!!
Purred: Sat Sep 8, '07 9:20am PST 

The party's OVER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mom PROMISED me I would get to play "Pin the TAIL on the Donkey". I was sooooooooo excited cuz I am great at games!

Just wondering though, since I'm still a kitten and a Manx as you know..... what the heck is a TAIL and why would we be pinning one on a donkey??????

Morgan can you teach me your PIRATE ways? I figure since we're both Miracle boys, I can be your apprentice.

I LOVE you in a Pirate way and I'm so sorry your Party ship set sail while I was high and dry waiting for Mom to check OUR ship's log and realize we were marooned while ALL of Catster-land was aboard except us!!!!!!

Party ON Birthday Boy!!!!! partyparty

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