Housewarming Party

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Purred: Sun Jul 22, '07 5:41pm PST 
So, I'm moving in with my new humans on August 4 and was thinking of throwing a party in celebration. Of course, before I can even *think* about the guest list, I have to get the menu all set up. I was thinking of a promotional gig / setup with the 9 lives people; but then I was like , o 0 ( I can't be bothered ), so I'm doing it all by my fabulous self. Just listing the items and sending the human out for my things as always. Perhaps a shrimp platter, pate assortment, Fancy Feast taquitos for the mexican flare... and for dessert, perhaps a cat friendly version of those Hostess "snowballs" that the human always eats. Of course, I'll need two versions... one with more of the "coconut" ingredient than the other -- to appeal to the long-hair versus short-hair crowd. smile

Ah, so much planning. So little time... ooooh a toy over there.


Anything Goes
Purred: Mon Jul 23, '07 12:44am PST 
Oooh, a new party kit!
That's very exciting that you are planning a housewarming...great you have a home in S.F. - it is the best!




Don't tell me no
Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 7:25pm PST 
we will bring the nip, and maybe some fancy drinks in even fancier glasses.. yummy!!!

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