Calling all Tortishell/Multi colours Cats...

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Ben - daughter of Bob

Torties Rule- -when no-one's- looking
Purred: Sun Sep 4, '05 9:28pm PST 
Hi, my name is Benhur, yes I am a girl but they call me Ben. I don't mind. Do you like my photos, I don't really like it when Mum brings out that camera cause she wants me to say "cheese" which is pretty silly cause we cats know that's what yummy mouses like and we like mouses - yum yum yum. Mind you, I am quite partial to birds but I'm not allowed to touch them... never mind. Come talk with me....


Sweet Sinda
Purred: Mon Sep 5, '05 12:59am PST 
You are a very pretty kitty. Foster Mom had to explain to me that you are not part pit bull terrier because I played with one that had similar coloring. I too am multicolored. I am a blue and cream Tabby. Sweet Sinda

Peaches (- Rainbow- Bridge)

dogs have- masters~Cats- have STAFF !!
Purred: Wed Sep 7, '05 9:19pm PST 
Hiya Ben!
Great idea getting the tortoiseshell kitties together!

"Torties rule ~ solids drool!"
Kitty kisses,


Gotta Love Me!
Purred: Wed Sep 7, '05 9:47pm PST 
Hello I'm Tortie Sonia. My sister kitty Cleo is also a Tortie and so is our friend Ms. Abby(those 2 profiles coming soon). My sister Cleo and I are pretty sassy senior cats!
Tortie Love!

Ben - daughter of Bob

Torties Rule- -when no-one's- looking
Purred: Tue Sep 13, '05 4:17am PST 
Hi there Torties... glad to see you on board - yes Torties rule - when they can get away with it... my mum Bob (she's one of the ginger bragide) still tells me off and I'm 9 years old now - will she ever give it up...


open any- cupboard, chew- any plastic bag
Purred: Wed Sep 14, '05 4:13pm PST 

my mom screwed up and posted on the main forum and she meant for me to join your group. I'm a tortoiseshell kitty-kat too!!

Muffin- ♥- Rainbow- Bridge

Mrs- Ian
Purred: Fri Sep 16, '05 3:40am PST 
Hi you guys, I'm tortie too, Can I jion you? PLEEEEEEEEEASE.

Flick. - Rainbow- Bridge.

Who- me?
Purred: Fri Sep 16, '05 5:14am PST 
Hi Ben, I'm a calico cat and I would love to join your club as well PLEEEEASE>

Mouse- ♥

The one and- only.
Purred: Fri Sep 16, '05 5:17am PST 
Me too PLEEEEEASE Ben, I'm a little calico cat like my sister Flick,(I just love to play with her tail and bit it but she is never very keen on the idea, I wonder why?)Muhahaha!!

Isis-Tortie- Angel

Dilute Tortie- with Attitude

Purred: Sun Sep 18, '05 10:21pm PST 
Hello everyone! I'm Isis and I'm a dilute tortie.

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