Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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That\'s Princess- Daisy to- you..MOL
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 12:46pm PST 
wave wave Hi Ticia & Alexis & Emmaa !! *Daisy waves* Long time no see ladies! Morticia, you will have to introduce me to your new sister this evening!
I look forward to seeing all of you beautiful blackies later cheer cheer ...BYE for now wave

Purrs, Daisy who loves being white big laugh

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Where's Mommy?
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 1:47pm PST 
Ah-Ha, I found the pawty!! applause See everyone then, and especially "you know who." Maybe Bobby and Jack will be able to come along. The more -- the merrier!! happy dance

Alexis Tippy- *PAWS*

I am the black- panther party!- :-D
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 1:48pm PST 
wave Hiya Pete! Hiya Daisy! Hiya Java!

You guys are looking quite mah-ve-lous! wink Especially you Pete... that tux is quite dashing on you! wink

http://cmdshiftdesign.com/ilovesmekitty/images/3black_cat_dance. gif
I'm pawtying a little early since the meowmy cannot type fur me tonight. frown

I think Abby will be joining me soon too since the meowmy will be leaving the puter in an hour or so which means we'll be missing the rest of the nights festivities. frown


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:02pm PST 
Woo hoo!!!
Black cat par-tay! cat on moon

Alexis Tippy- *PAWS*

I am the black- panther party!- :-D
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:23pm PST 
wave Hiya Ben!!! You're a new black beauty I've never met before, are you in BCCP? thinking

I love your profile pic! You look quite comfy all stretched out like that! cloud 9

Abby- Sweetpea- *PAWS*

I'm- Abby-Licious!- :-P
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:29pm PST 
So I know I'm early, but thanks to the meowmy, Alexis and I will be speechless come pawty time. frown

I'm not letting that stop me though! dancing

I'm ready to mix and mingle and pawty! partyparty

I AM a BLACK beauty after all... just a little dressed up! big grin

YAY fur the black beautifur babies! http://cache2.allpostersimages.com/p/LRG/16/1687/RK41D00Z/posters/ed wards-jamie-wogan-tuxedo-cat-s-birthday-party.jpg

♥Tyke- da Emperor

Memfur of Da No- Club
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:41pm PST 
Aw Pete, mew luux catsum!
I wilz seed mew at da pawtee!


cause thats what- i am a princess
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:50pm PST 
black cats are beautiful. i am proud to be part black at least.

♥Sale- m♥

Hello Everyone- :)
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:54pm PST 
I am ready to PAW-TAY dancing

Alfiechinaca- t - UK

Flip...Ded Gud- Innit !!
Purred: Wed Aug 17, '11 3:37pm PST 
wavewavesmilehya guys, Jus wants to say Hya an hopes me can gets back to de Pawty ..(its mine typists fault ..as a;ways,grins ) It ded gud to be here in BBCP agens. Miss de fun an games . Mum is lookin after Puss. she is de oldest in mine furfamily ..She too old to Pawty ..grins. me isnt though...Smilessmilehappy dance ..Hopes to be here agen befores de pawty is goned. grins, Purrs n way to gopartysmile

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