Cathy's and Stumpy's solstice wedding, Sunday 6-21, 1 pm Pacific

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Walter The- Cat

Walter The Cat &- DANCIN' GIRL
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 2:47pm PST 
Goodbye darlings...I could not be at the wedding. I am going to read it all, look at the pictures and be so happy for you two.
God Bless You ! Walter The Cat

Flora Angel- Cat

At The Rainbow- Bridge
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 2:49pm PST 
Are you two leaving now? Oh mom and I had a modem problem and could not get online.

My very best wishes for your happiness.

___________Love, From Flora Cat

Hooch ~- Forever- Loved

Alpha Cat
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 3:07pm PST 
My furmily and I are so sorry we missed the wedding. It seems that something called Father's Day got in the way of our attending. I really don't understand. Best wishes to the happy couple from my furmily and me.

♥ - Snoopy- ♥

Cats just wanna- have fun!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 4:08pm PST 
*with brofurs in tow, slips into the back row*

Whew! We made it!

♥ - Snoopy- ♥

Cats just wanna- have fun!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 4:09pm PST 
Ooops! Didn't catch that I hadn't read to the end...SOOOOO Sorry to have missed the wedding! Dratted!


Mr. Kookamunga
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 5:02pm PST 
Hi Cathy an' Stumpy!! Just makin' a quik run t'ru acuz owr mum forgetted dat it werr annuder spershial dey tahdey an' she hadded to spen' sum tyme witt her pop-pop to tell him how mush she lubbz him.

We wanned tah sey Concatulayshuns on yer spershial dey an' dat da bote uv yu habbz a lubbly life toogedder as hubben an' wife kitts.

We agoona reed awl 'bout it zoon..... Huggs an' Smooches fwum bote uv uz......wink

Oliver an' Dewey......way to go

Quinn C.

My Aunties Rock!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 6:10pm PST 
Sorry we all missed the wedding!cry Mom had to work! She always has to work! I hope the cooties didn't disrupt things.

Stumpy, - love to the- last purr

teeth are- overrated !
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 6:26pm PST 
just quickly checking in via internet from Spain.
we have arrived well, my love and I.
Thank you so much for coming, my dear late-comer friends. It is the thought that counts.
kitty hugs, and off on my honeymoon - we will board the catamaran soon and sail to Catablanca

Roger Bleu

I AM The Top Cat- In Our Home!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 6:28pm PST 
Have a wonderful honeymoon, you two and we are so sorry we got here so late but we will read back thru the thread and be with you in spirit! We brought you a little something. party

Congratulations Cathy And Stumpy!

hug wave

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