Norton's Tiki Resort

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!


Chunk chunk- Mcgraws
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outside activites
tiki bar=FREE get ice cold mango smoothies and more!
pool=FREE take a dive in our inground pool!
hotub=FREE sit back and relax
horse park=5 treats (bring own horse) or use one of our school horses 300 acreas of feild and trail ride along lakes falls swim acrossed and on the other side you might see wild horses
trail hike=2 treats see some bunnys wolves foxes and some pretty flowers
going to the beach= FREE go out deep enough and go far enough you might get to ride on dolphins and mannates
duck feed trails =FREE feed the pretty ducklings and ducks
swimming bye the falls=FREE take a look at our pretty water falls walk your horse inside of them or somthing else you might just find a cave
animal tour=4 treats we have wild horses sharks dolphins and more mammals and waterbreathers

indoor activites
pool table=FREE
entertainment room=FREE
kids area=1 treat drop your kids off and we have snacks for them juice nap areas video games a pool slide tubes and more
party room=FREE enjoy partys that happen everynight and day
relaxation area
messege=2 treats get a back rub or somthing
steam room=FREE enjoy a nice warm room

weight lifting room
weight lifting=FREE
jogging machine=FREE
towels=1 treat

well heres our activites we do at night
hula dancers=FREE watch them dance or join with them
horse walk=FREE ride your horse along the ocean see pretty blue crytal like water splash beside you
swim races=FREE yes if you win you get 100 treatsto your page delivered by us
concerts=FREE see your fav band and some violiners and more
boat trip =FREE get on our ship and see dolphins and whales follow beside the ship
wild horse run=FREE watch em run across the beach set your eyes on one and emagine it,s in slow motion such pretty sounds
catch a wild horse=FREE just don,t touch phantom he,s a white mustang
fire works=FREE get your sparklers and a seat up close glowsticks and more have a bomb!

food well step right up order any kind of food you want we have every single food ever made

drinks get coffee juice capachino milk sodas and waters gatorade and lots more drinks

acahol=5 treats only for cats 2 and up sorry if your young

rooms=20 treats
room service=10 treats
a made= 10 treats and hour
we got a new part built in
safari zone
elephant rides= 9 treats take a ride on africas elephants
safari ride=1 treat see some zebras visious lions and see elephants monkeys watch your camera monkeys will take them see hippos and more
crocidiles and lepoards and more
feed africas animal=FREE feed some baby cubs feed antalope wildibeest and buffalos and some tamed lions zebras and more animals
we have camels camel rides=3treats

Stable horses
Silver bell

Jobs you can get here for treats
Tiki bar=10 treats a half hour=Serve ice cold shakes smoothies and hot or warm cold foods
Pool(as a lifeguard)=40 treats a hour=Save a kittens life if so you need to
Animal tour=20 treats and hour=show some of the guest the animal around here tell them if they can touch and not touch them
Kids area=5 treats every 20 mins=Watch the baby kittens you never know what there gonna do??
Spa room=30 treats a hour=give back rubs messashes and stuff
Hula dancers=70 treats and half hour=entertain the cats
Boat trips= 100 treats and hour=take some cats on cruises
FireWorks=13 treats a half hour=set the fireworks off and re load them
Safari Zone=200treats a hour=feed the Zebras Lions Tigers Antalope Willdabeasts and buffalos Crocodiles and lepoards cheetahs and well you know afracian animals
Stable hands=250 treats a half hour= groom feed and wash them care for them and ride them for excirsize
Orca whales=50 treats a half hour=care and do tricks with them
Well those r the jobs and we hope you have a great time herepartyhappy dance


Chunk chunk- Mcgraws
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*Cuts Ribbon down* WE ARE OPEN!happy danceapplausebig grinlaugh out loudcheerdancingpartyhamster dancewishes