Mikey & Margo's Wedding

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ALFIE - My Beautiful- Angel

Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 10:11am PST 
Margo you look so beautiful in your wedding dress. Your mum must feel so proud of you.
Wishing you and Mikey a lifetime of happiness together.

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 10:20am PST 
Oh Margo, you just look beautiful!!!!

Wishing you and Mikey nine lifetimes of happiness together!!

Gimme- (Guillermo- Hemmingway)

Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 10:21am PST 
**comes in behind Ele' and places package on gift table**

Aww...Margo looks wonderful!! This will be a pawsome wedding!!

Ambro - Ambrogino

Life is good!
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 10:22am PST 
What a great couple!!!

I just know you're going to be very happy together, so I wish you nine lifetimes of health and joy!!


Mr. Kookamunga
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 11:46am PST 
Dis place beez lookin' so purrdy!! Margo's weddin' planner shur habbz bin bizzy! Mmmmmm, juss smell dah flowers! En dah candles an' awl dah shiny an' shimmerin' decorayshuns!!

**** Dewey comms in bah-hind Oliver*** -- he beez berry distrac'ed by awl dah loveliness uv et awl!!

We juss wanned tah tayk a quik errly lookie at dah weddin' hawl. We'll bee bak layter......


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 12:32pm PST 
applauseapplauseCongratulations Margo and Mikey. I can't wait for the wedding. What a great way to start off 2009.

Edwina- (Angel Eddy)- DG#1

Big Paw
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 1:09pm PST 
waveMargo Congrats on your wedding. This is a great way to start the year. I'll be back with all my fur's. We love you and Mikey. big grin

Lucy Nooner

Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 1:17pm PST 
Concats to Margo and Mikey! Wishing you both a lifetime of love!

hug hug hug

Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 1:27pm PST 
Congratulations to the both of you, Margo. You make a very cute couple. The family and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. And, stay away blizzard from Mikey's house!!!!
hughughughamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehughughug


The Princess
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 1:32pm PST 
cloud 9 Oh, I just LOVE weddings! (Well, I loved the only one I've attended besides this one...hee-hee!)

Margo...you look absolutely gorgeous in your dress! Such a wonderful way to start the New Year!

Margo and Mikey...me and my furrmily wish you all the BESTEST of the best fur your married life together. You are such a great furriend and we love you furry much!
cloud 9

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