Moving party at Rainbow Bridge

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Smokey (Sadly Missed)

Smokey - my Christmas- kitty
Purred: Mon Dec 29, '08 4:46pm PST 
Sammy, Clawdia, Fire and I would like to invite you to our moving party. We are not only moving ourselves but our house too! Yep! They are gonna put it up on a big ole truck and move it down the road.
We will be moving next door to our sisfur, Hazel and her hubby Oingo. Our neighbor on the other side of Hazel and Oingo is Blossom (Hazel's good friend). I'm sure that some of you have met Blossom at RBK. She is a very special friend of Baby Major.
You see, Hazel & Oingo were going to be living with us but when they got married they were given a pawsome, splendid mansion as a wedding gift. So they moved and needless to say we have all missed one another terribly. Since then, we've decided to move next door so that we can be near to our family and friends.
We are enclosing a picture of our house that they will be moving. You are all welcome to stand along the roadside and watch, wave or follow along. When the house gets to its destination, Hazel and Oingo will be having a housewarming party for us and a little Pre-New Year's Eve party. So come one, come all. Please join us as we move to our new destination and ring in the New Year too! The party will be on-going starting tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 30th up through and including New Year's Day). Stop by and check it out. We will be stepping in and out so please just make yourselves at home and have fun.
Here's a picture of our house:
our house

And here's how they do it:
moving a house

Isn't that pawsome? One whole house coming down the road!! Toot Toot!!


MomKatt's Black- Dahlia!
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 6:28am PST 
What a BEAUTIFUL house!!! Stopping by ... gee I think I'm the first one here! MOL

GOOD LUCK with the move!!

Oingo- ♥ ADB- #57B (1982-

Inside kitties- are the- happiest!
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 8:07am PST 
Hazel and I are SOOOO excited to welcome our new neighbors! Be careful with that beautiful house! Looking forward to many evenings in front of the fire, relaxing and spending wonderful times together!

*races off to tell his ginormous family about the party*

Hazel (Sweet Angel) ^PAWS^

Hazel the- camoflage cat.
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 8:17am PST 
Hazel rushes in and out preparing food and goodies for any neighbors and friends that drop by.

Hi Morticia wave
So good to see you. If you want to check back in later, maybe the big house will be coming down the road. Oh! I can't wait to see that!!

Oingo, please call all of your family and furriends and invite them over. There is plenty of food and seeing the house move down the road should be good "entertainment" MOL!

Mmm, maybe we should fire up the grill. Oingo! Let's set the grill out back on the patio and get some steaks ready for our guests. OK?
Don't forget to wear your chef's hat, sweetie. (You look sooo handsome in it)!
steaks on grill

Sammy (In loving Memory)

Sam the Man
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 8:20am PST 
Hi everypurr!
I just popped in to see if I could borrow some wire cutters from Oingo.
They are just about ready to cut the power and put the house up on the flatbed.

Woo Hoo! This is gonna be something to see.

Clawdia & Fire are still busy packing a few last minute things and they said to tell Hazel that they will be mighty hungry when we get here.

Smokey (Sadly Missed)

Smokey - my Christmas- kitty
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 8:23am PST 
Smokey rushes in all breathless and excited.
Come on Sammy! I don't wanna miss seeing them raise the house on that flatbed. This is gonna be some event.

Hazel, if anyone stops by for food, tell them to pop on over past our place and they can see the house. We will start moving it on the down the road asap. It will be a slow process but they have to be mighty careful so that they don't break the house in half. eek

Grabs some hotdogs and buns and rushes back outside to wait for Sammy.

Snipper- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Bring on those- spiders!
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 12:46pm PST 
wavewaveHey Evfurrybuddy,
My Earth Brofur Romeow told me to drop by and give you a bunch of these babies:
http://epicurious.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/03/05/sockey e_salmon_fish_wildlife_4.jpg
Sorry, Mom doesn't know how to make that hover hotlink. Enjoy oyur new digs!little angelway to go
That link is not working fur Mom at workshrug Anyhow, they are some of our finest Pacific Northwest Sockeye salmon fur your grill.

Edited by author Tue Dec 30, '08 12:51pm PST


Sammy (In loving Memory)

Sam the Man
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 12:56pm PST 
You are looking quite dapper, my friend. Give our best regards to Romeow and the rest of the family.
Thank you for the gifties. (Unfortunately we couldn't view that link) It said image not available.
Don't forget to help yourself to food and drink. You can hang around and watch for the house moving down the road, if you'd like or check back in later.
We thought that when the house finally sits in it's final resting place, that we would just party hardy and welcome in the New Year while every cat is in the area anyhow.
Stop back any time. Glad that you dropped by.

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Smokey (Sadly Missed)

Smokey - my Christmas- kitty
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 1:03pm PST 
We missed the last part of your post where you explained that the salmon was for the grill. Yummy!
That sounds pawsome, my friend. We will get some of those on the grill right away in case anyone stops by and wants some.
Thanks so much for bringing those. I'm sure that everyone will enjoy them.

Hazel (Sweet Angel) ^PAWS^

Hazel the- camoflage cat.
Purred: Tue Dec 30, '08 1:11pm PST 
Oh Snipper, dear!
Thank you so much for the salmon. I am having Oingo put some of those on the grill right now. My they do smell tasty.
Salmon, anyone?
We also have steaks, burgers, hotdogs; just about anything else that your little heart's may desire.

*Rushes inside to bring out some liquid refreshments along with coleslaw, macaroni salad, cheesy potatoes, etc. etc*

I hope that everyone brings along a big appetite.

Ask and ye shall receive:
Fresh North Atlantic Sockeye Salmon on the grill

(Courtesy of Snipper, Romeow and family)

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