Norton's Kitty bee's resturaunt

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Chunk chunk- Mcgraws
Purred: Mon Nov 17, '08 6:09pm PST 
Hi welcome to my first thread ever!,Im really hoping it will be a fun an successful thread an moews hopes u will come back again!
Ultimate triofrownAppitizers)

Mini Chicken Ranchers"New"
Boneless buffalo wings
Mini bacon cheeseburgers
Monzerella sticks
Dynamite shrimp
Buffalo wings
Chips and dip
Onion rings
Potato skins

90z.House sirlon-12 paws
12.oz Ribeye-15 paws
12oz.New york strip-15 paws
Chop steak"New"-16 paws

California shrimp salad-8 paws
Grilled Chicken cezar salad-8 paws
Oriental chicken salad-4 paws

Chicken Permason-10 paws
Chicken finger platter-4 paws
Fiesta lime Chicken-10 paws
Grilled Chicken-6 paws

Kitty bee's Riblets-11 paws
Honey bbq stacked ribs-16 paws
Sizzling fajitas-16 paws

Pasta bowls:
Three cheeze chicken -10 paws
Chicken brocolli pasta-10 paws
Grilled Tryiaki bowl-12 paws
Crispy orange chicken bowl-14 paws
Spaghett-i bowl 10 paws

Hamburger-6 paws
Cheeseburger-6 paws
Angus bacon cheeseburger-7 paws
Cowboy burger-7 paws
Steak burger-5 paws

Club house grill-6 paws
Philly cheesesteaks-7 paws
Ranch chicken sandwich-7 paws
Oriental chicken rollup-7 paws
Honey BBQ chicken burger-7 paws
Roasted turkey&burger sandwich-7 paws

Weight watchers:
Tortilla chicken melt-7 paws
Chocolate rasberry cake-3 paws
Itallian chicken sandwich-7 paws
Grilled lime sandiwch-4 paws

Kids menu:
Chicken fingers-2 paws
Cheeseburger-3 paws
Macaroni and cheese-3 paws
Grilled cheese-2 paws
Grilled chicken sandwich-3 paws
Chicken finger meal-3 paws
Deep dish pizza-2 paws

Maple butter blondie-4 paws
Triple chocolate meltdown-4 paws
Blue ribbon brownie-4 paws

Kit-Kit cola(Diet)-3 paws
Coffee drinks-6 paws
Brewed icetea-4 paws
hot tea-3 paws
Rasberry tea-3 paws
Tea-2 paws
Coca cola-1 paw
Pepsi-1 paw
Sprite-1 paw
Mountain dew-1 paw
Seirra mist-1 paw
Lemonade-1 paw

Seasonal veggies-2 paw
Mash potatos-1 paw
Baked cheese potato-1 paw
Baked potato-1 paw
Garden salad-2 paws
Cezar salad-2 paws


Chunk chunk- Mcgraws
Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 5:25pm PST 
*Opens doors*,Yayz buisnness opens!,Im hoping i get some customers!

SQuishie...A- dopted

Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 5:34pm PST 
Wow, this looks nice! Hello, I am SQuishie.

SQuishie...A- dopted

Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 5:40pm PST 
* Waiter hurries over*

May I have the chicken ranch appetizers, a 12oz ribeye, rare, a shrimp salad and cheese baked potato. A glass of tea also please.

Cali Now an- Angel

Don't disturb- me, I'm napping!
Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 6:07pm PST 
May I join you SQuishie?

*Waiter rushes over*

May I have the mini bacon cheese burgers to start, the Kitty bee's riblets, mac and cheese, and an ice tae please.

SQuishie...A- dopted

Purred: Tue Nov 18, '08 7:45pm PST 
*SQuishie and Cali finish up their meal*

This was absolutely delicious! Thank you Norton!


Chunk chunk- Mcgraws
Purred: Fri Nov 21, '08 2:29pm PST 
No thank you smile, I hope you come again,We will be offering waitors an waitresses soon


still purrin- loud n clear!
Purred: Sat Nov 22, '08 1:25pm PST 
*walks in amazed with cool interior* It's niceee! big grin

*sits at the table and orders dynamite shrimps*

Shrimps + dynamite... I wonder what will that taste like!wink

SQuishie...A- dopted

Purred: Sat Nov 22, '08 8:15pm PST 
Hi Sergel!wave

The food is great!

Orders a plate of appetizers.


still purrin- loud n clear!
Purred: Sun Nov 23, '08 11:28am PST 
Hey Squishie wave How are you?

*the waiter brings their orders*

Guess i'll see it for my self now wink

*tries shrimps* hmmthinking They are great!big grinbig grin *eats some more* Hehe, no matter how prepared and with what shrimps are still my fav food..

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