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The Foreign Legion

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Anything Goes
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '14 10:53pm PST 
It looks like the system is giving out again. ha ha, who knows how out of order the thread is now?! Sleep well, and tonight I think we will, too.


Karma- Chameleon
Purred: Wed Jul 23, '14 10:58pm PST 
Night-night, all ... let us dream of friendships and a brighter tomorrow.


Felica 1988 - 2007

Lady Fee, our- little angel
Purred: Thu Jul 24, '14 4:43am PST 
Flies in to send our condolences to Jacques mommy.
Many purrs, hugs and Rainbows to her.
Jacques is such a special kit..what a wonderful Angel you are now.
Love and Rainbows,
Lady Fee and Gysmo

Mouse- ♥

The one and- only.
Purred: Thu Jul 24, '14 10:24am PST 
Mouse and the crew come in and sit quietly remembering Jacques before heading for the Moo Boo Club.

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Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Sat Jul 26, '14 8:44pm PST 
*takes a white sheet and a pencil*

Sweet Fiend, sweet friend, sweet Jacques...thank you for bringing your love into the world and for sharing it with us.
Always your friend, Beastie

*drops in into the fire*


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Sat Jul 26, '14 8:46pm PST 
*takes a gold paper and writes*

Keeping the party mater what!
Until we meet again, Uncle Jacques,

*drops it into the fire*


Fiend #2
Purred: Thu May 26, '16 9:26am PST 
Gee, I have been gone for over 684 days according to Catster stats.

Well, nothing to complain about; Cole and Snug are back now (Now being May 2016) and they invite you all to Foreign Legion 2016. Snug is pretty new to all this, so we hope you will visit there and encourage her!


Anything Goes
Purred: Thu May 26, '16 9:35am PST 
I thought I had best repeat the mission statement of The Foreign Legion for those who care to join us again.

The credo:

Be curious, though interfering friends may frown.
Get furious at each attempt to hold you down.
If this advice you will employ
The future can offer you infinite joy
And freedom.
Experiment – come chat --
And you'll see.*

Emoticon Free Zone: part of the spirit of the Legion is to express one's "self." Sharing emotions is part of learning and understanding which promotes friendship and congeniality. A cartoon figure is a shortcut to language in which a written or spoken phrase states your emotion, and offers a wider stage for learning.

*apologies to Cole Porter for a bit of liberty with his lyrics.


Wild Child

Purred: Thu May 26, '16 7:37pm PST 
Cole must be an intellectual. Oops! Almost put in an emoticon!

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