Secret Santa

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Bob ♥- Angel DB- #33b

All You Need Is- Love
Purred: Thu Dec 22, '05 10:04pm PST 
Hi Everycat smile

I'm really excited about the Secret Santa! I hope it's okay with Luke that I remind every Secret Santa that it's time to give our gifts. I think it would be a good idea to start tomorrow to give those kitties who won't be online on Christmas eve a chance to give their gifts.

If anycat is stuck for ideas on what to give, or on how to get their gift to their recipient, feel free to send me a p-mail


Dolce (In- Loving- Memory)

Special kitty
Purred: Fri Dec 23, '05 8:06am PST 
Thank you for helping us, Bob!

Dolce (In- Loving- Memory)

Special kitty
Purred: Sat Dec 24, '05 1:39pm PST 
Hi everybuddy!
Don't forget your Secret Santa Kitty...


Bridge Kitty
Purred: Sat Dec 24, '05 4:35pm PST 
We sent all of our Secret Santa Stuff out...but only:

[♥]And Snowball

Got theirs.... ?