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Meowma talks to us all the time, and we talk back; ok, Ringo doesn't say a lot unless he's whining for food. But I have lots of different meopurrrs, creaky-door noises, and beeps for talking--real meowing is for food and food only. I know "let's go", "Don't get up, I'm only going to P", "Go get on the bed" and lots of other stuff. And I'm getting very educated... Except for currently while she has laryngitis, Meowma has been giving me lectures on Cellular Structure and Function, Protein Synthesis, and things like that, to help her study. I am very good during class and sit there and listen unless Meowma asks me a question during the lecture... I know, it sounds stupid, but my Meowma and i love each other a lot; plus, she wants to be a Vet Tech, and that will make her even better at caring for me. So I don't mind helping, so long as she doesn't overdo it.

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But, BooBoo, have you ever communicated mentally? Do you think cats communicate with each other or other animals mentally?

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i'm pretty sure cats have their own language, and it's obviously not verbal, since they don't sit and "meow" at each other. i suspect my cats mainly verbalize to communicate with me. but just from watching various cats make up their own games, i know they have to be communicating in order to set the rules. when kaya and jadyn play chase, they follow certain patterns and have certain areas designated as "safe". they simultaneously converge on the same toy. they walk together to the patio to lie in the sun.
and then there's what happened when churrah left us. i swear to you that kaya and jadyn both said their goodbyes an hour or so before he died. kaya touched noses with him, and jadyn walked up to within a few inches of him and just...looked at him. odd behavior for them all-we just thought they knew he didn't feel good, or something. they sniffed the body, but they weren't FOCUSED the way they were before he died.
and now i'm sad again...

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i ask my cat to ask my other cat to do something (like come here) and the first cat i asked moves his ears and the second cat comes too me.

also my moms cat said my name twice! Amanda in 3 different tones.
meow. meow. meow.

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