Anyone else think we should have more pictures???

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❤Ruben❤- DB #⑩

The Boss
Purred: Thu Jun 16, '05 9:57am PST 
More pictures would be so good. My mom can never fit all the pictures she wants on the page. Thats why she is always changing the pictures from day to day.

Natasha- *loved and- missed*

preow reow reow
Purred: Sat Jun 18, '05 5:14am PST 
I have a free website on yahoo geocities to put up extra pictures. Even if catster has a special category under Your cat's info for another website that would open in another window, then I think lots of cats might have an oportunity to go and make other types of pages for themselves.

By the way, if anyone is intrested, Yahoo Goecities is a great free webpage place. it's easy to use, and had simple URL's

Mine is www.geocities.com/tashacatq


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Purred: Sat Jun 18, '05 2:25pm PST 
I got a website chock full of pictures LOL!



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Purred: Sat Jun 18, '05 3:18pm PST 
More pictures would be fantastic, but I think captions should be in order, as well.

Every picture tells a story and I think it would rock if we could put a caption for each pic we chose.

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