heart vs. common sense


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I've been a cat person for as long as I can remember. I was smart enough to marry a man who learned to love cats, so life is good! We are presently owned by 5 rescued boys who tolerate each other (more or less). We're going into winter, which means the boys will be spending most of their time indoors (yes, we use Feliway). Our vet has a wonderful girl kitty in need of a home, and without thinking it through I said "YES!! I'll take her!"
Later that day the boys staged a full-on brawl to let me know how little they wanted a sister. Their wishes are our commands, so I had to back out of the commitment (wiping away a tear).
The problem is that she looks very much like my beloved kitty-daughter who went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.
How can I keep from desperately wanting every sad story I meet? Especially when they remind me of fur-persons we've loved and lost? Five cats really is our lim├Čt, and I'm sure she wouldn't have been happy surrounded by grumpy big brothers, but it's almost impossible not to bring a needy cat home with me. How does everyone else handle this?
-- Rainey


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I wonder if this will help....


it has some ideas, good luck.