Nose Leather....


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Dear Ones...so funny...please look at 'Lifestyle: the 5 Most Adorable Parts of a Cat's Body'...it is really good and really funny...and, yes, of course, we all love the ears, the paws, the eyes, the tails, the tummies....BUT the nosies...!! We all ADORE the nosies...!! Of course we do...!! and the nosie-bit that is not covered in fur is called the NOSE LEATHER....!! Yes, it is...!! Look it up.....!!



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Ths is Delyte. Hi Tambi! Yes, it really is called nose leather, and black cats have the most beautiful ones! Although Stella, with hers rimmed in stippled black and rose pink in the center, is very beautiful. Doesn't improve her disposition, though.


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My babies nosies range from Felix's black nosie, to Smitty's pink & brown splotched, Maizy has dark pinkish-brown with black edges, and Tig has pink with freckles. I love to kiss them nosies! I have a thing for kitty toes too! squeee! happy dance


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Dear Delyte and Felix...thank you for your inputs about 'nose leather'....I just find it so funny, but sort of horrifying as well....the little bald nosie-bits are SO BEAUTIFUL and, yes, it does sort of explain them quite graphically (when you contrast them with the furry surround)....I first saw that that is what they are called when I used to look up loads of literature on Colin, our British Shorthair Blue Boy....BUT 'leather' is the dead skin of animals...!! So...funny, lovely, horrifying.... shrug


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I love the little nosies too! smile Nika's nose is half black, half pink! Right down the middle big grin