Kitty photo contest mobile apps edition!


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Hey Guys,

I thought we could try something different and use apps to take pictures of our pets. Let's see who can come up with the most creative pet pictures and rate them! This is something I always wanted to try out. Here are the instructions:

1. Using a Smartphone, snap a photo of your pet
2. Edit it using the app or post it as is!

Here are some apps that you guys can use! (yes, I did my research´┐╝)

1. Instagram (always good for editing photos and adding that 'personal' touch to them)
2. Dress My Pet (this is a new one I found. It hasn't been out for long but you can choose from a bunch of clothing items and dress up your pet)
3. InstaEffect FX (again, you can add a lot of effects to your photos - pretty interesting!)
4. Any app you desire!